Official Pacific South whos goin to EVO, whos driving, rooming etc. thread


i know a lot of us are planning on making the trip to this years evo

and most people hesitate due to the fact of lack of ride, room etc. with evo registration ending soon(30th) i am beginning to wonder who is gonna make the trip to this years evo.

hopefully ppl can step up and set up some carpools so that this years turn out could be sweet.

so who here is planning on attending EVO?

p.s. do any of you guys have space for one more douchebag to room with ya’ll?
let me know!!!

reason to go to evo


Well it turns out I’m getting a car after all. I wanted a BMW M3 but with gas prices not likely so I’m getting is a Scion TC. With that said if anyone that knows how to drive stick we can trade off driving…

With that being said, I have one person already counted for my car and not sure if that person is going with me for sure or not so that leaves room for 3 more exactly…

Keep in mind I’m planning of getting a room somewhere on the strip. So here is my proposal. I’m getting the room for a little bit early of this years Evo. Reason being so I can enjoy the Vegas sceens and go out and have some fun cause the whole time Evo starts I’ll likely be spending too much time there anyway. So I’ll be leaving for Evo August 6th precisely. At the same time get some practice at the room before evo and chill and relax and get some good times…

Who ever wants to join me early that’s cool give me a holla. But whoever does join me and I get the room, most we can fit into a room i’m guessing 5 ppl maybe a little bit more that way we all save money on the hotel expense and just pay me a small portion as well with who ever goes with me a small portion of gas as well…


Ave. Tattoo (San Bernardino,CA) will try to be there at this years evo.


will try be there.


Who else is driving besides me…? Were still a month away from this years Evo and still nothing is for srue planned…


Who plans for Evo anymore? Just wing it! j/k. Good luck to all you who attend this year, sounds like it will be a fun time on the strip!


due to mandatory pre registration…

winging it isn’t really possible this year


Magnus: Dude man I miss the hang outs we use to have with you, me, Keneth, Carlos. But thanks for the heads up on this years Evo bro =-) Try and make it to Joes BBQ bro, its gonna be hype LoL. Oh and the list of MM hahaha…


im not sure if im going =(


Bad news ppl, can’t go to this years Evo2K8 due to military…