Official Persona 4 Arena Frame Data -- Famitsu


Officially released from Famitsu. This is packed in with the new Persona 4 Ultimate Design Art Works released just this past week. Unfortunately I jumped the gun and bought a copy for $50 imported before this was published online. (SALTY)

Rather than bomb every single thread, just gonna link it up here.
Small picture I doctored up to help dissect some of the Japanese letters until someone fully translates them.













Shadow Labrys




This is incredibly useful, especially for SLab and all of the rushdown characters. I expect to see the game change a lot in the coming months.


:eek: Good shit!

P.S. - Going to be uploading this to the Betty wiki tonight if I get a chance.


Huh…D Bufudyne has 9 extra frames of startup? I was wondering why some resets only worked properly with C version, or some only with D.

And A Coup is actually 9 startup, not 7? Noticing other miscellaneous weird things like Air Throws being one frame faster than ground throws. Definitely going to have to study this for a while and go back to the lab when I get some time


Hey Gang, just thought I should mention that all said frame data appears to be locked away now and requires some password to access through the Famitsu site (possibly one that comes with your copy of the book ya’ll paid and were subsequently salty for).

Was it all mass migrated to another website, do you know?


:eek: Damnit, I KNEW I should have copied this info to my hard drive. FAWK~

I am kinda sad.


I never even got to see it. Oh well if it was out there once it’ll still be floating around sonewhere.

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Is it normal for a game to be this guarded about its frame data?


I believe the reason was that the link was not supposed to be public and only for people who bought the artbook. Kind of a weird way to release it though. However, most of the frame data is being put up on the dustloop wiki. So if you missed the famitsu link, it might be better to check there.


Yeah, it’s dustlooped. I’m still salty. My mook is not even here yet.