Official Petition to get SF4 on to MLG


sign it here plz]


Maybe it will be a good idea to sticky that post.


Sign up for this, Sundance is serious about it


Signed. Cmon guys, we need more signatures!


To anyone who wants more large scale tournaments for a fighting they game love, sign that petition. It won’t hurt and might be a very important part in getting it on the MLG Pro Circuit.

Tekken 6 and Brawl have already been added, now it’s SF4s time.


Let’s do this guys. Sundance is really trying his hardest to get this to work, but this part is up to the community.




Signed :slight_smile:


Singed, but highly unlikely to get SF4 in the lineup. If anything they will wait till SSf4 comes out then will make a decision on that game.


Obviously support for SF4 implies SSF4. There’s no reason to wait.


Is there a petition to keep SF out of MLG forever? Ill sign that k thx.


FYI - the petition site requires you to leave both boxes checked below the comments field in order for your signature to be counted. Once you’ve been directed to a donation page, you’ll see a message that your signature has been recorded. You DO NOT have to donate to have your signature recorded.

also, signed!


Signed because it’s great for the expansion of the community. You guys want more people to play against? Sign the petition.


But dose the street fighter community really need MLG?

personally I see as being a waste of time.

You will get players like me who are on the bandwagon at the begin then quickly loose interest.

You should also think how it effects the local scene and event like EVO and SBO.

But in the end Ithink it should be the local communitys that bring street fighter and fighting games into the mainstream by building a solid foundation which I believe corporations like cant do MGL.

Is bring SF to the MLG really a good idea?


Why is it that just about every person for the addition of SFIV to MLG joined in 2009 or 2010?


Someone was spamming this petition on the GameFAQs SF4 and SSF4 boards and this reply caught my attention:

Is this true in any way?


There is already a big thread/debate about this in general.

I’m personally skeptical at best. It’s best to remember, MLG is looking out for MLG, not the fighting game community. Whereas we have more and more quality tourneys being run by people who actually give a shit.

I know who I’d rather support.

PS: doa4 lol.

  1. Only sponsored players get in - false. It is like every other tournament. If you place well you can carry a good seed into the next tournament, but all players can compete.

  2. Rules and format are stupid - subjective HOWEVER - the rules and format for SF4 would run COMPLETELY parallel to what they are at the established tournaments.

  3. Commentators have no clue what they speak of - commentators for the games that I have watched through MLG that aren’t Halo 3 are actually well respected community members that know the game as well as the top players competing. It is a little different for Halo 3 in which they have 1 top player commentating with two people who arent involved with the game.

  4. Format is stuffed with fanfare and advertising - advertising, yes. Make of that what you will. Fanfare -? I have no clue what is being referred to with ‘fanfare’. My guess is he was just throwing out words.

I cant speak for the tekken and Ryan Heart issue, im not involved with that game.