Official price for MVC2 on PSN?

Hello i wanted to get MVC for xbl seeing as i have sf4 on ps3 but my gamestop didnt have point cards. So i decided to buy it on ps3 since i have the arcade stick might as well really get into MVC because its such a fucking awesome game cant believe i never played it. SF4 was my first fighting game and it brought me directly into the fighting game scene its awesome fun. So i bought the $20 PSN card and was wondering if i could squeeze in some sf4 outfits and still buy MVC?

probably about 15 bucks however many points that is… don’t make threads asking questions you can look up on your own… that makes you look stupid on this forum

I’m pretty sure it’ll be $15. After tax, I don’t think you’d have enough for 1 DLC costume pack without spending a little out of pocket ( a very small amount though)