Official Problem and Solution Thread

^alright sir. thanks!

Just realized I completely misread this. :S Disregard my prior comments.

I can’t see the moderator forum. Is ther any kind of disciplinary system on this new forum? Warnings,
infractions, bans? All I can do now is close threads and delete posts.

What he said below.

will be implemented this week.

Whole sections of the Dormammu thread have completely disappeared:

Notably, in the Basics section, all of my headers are gone for each attack before the spoilers…

Also, the text for all of my videos has been changed to a [ MEDIA], which biffed up the formatting; do I simply have to go through and change every single link back to a [ URL] like I had it before?

At least [ SPOILERS] is back.

I am a mod for that section.

That sucks. I already passed word to the DFW players that nothing more can be done. They have already created a new thread.


It seems I can’t mod the KOF section anymore. I already sent a PM on this issue but wasn’t sure if it was just me having this problem.

That’s weird, I was able to “unmoderate” a thread in Tech Talk because some folks weren’t able to see it.

Yeah, been meaning to ask about this myself. Though I just assumed that those features haven’t been implemented yet.

Just encountered this while trying to go to the main forum page on Chrome.

I was uploading the file… so there was a temporary moment where the file did not exist as it was getting replaced by a new version.

EWR = 8WayRun (functions cant start with a number)

So what is the relationship with 8WR and SRK now? Is it a just a partnership or is it something more?

No relation… I’m just helping out. I write a LOT of mods for XenForo (the software SRK is now running), as you can see on 8WR.

The Portal, Events, Media, Wiki (yes, I even wrote my own wiki suite) and Chat sections of 8WR were all written by me.

I keep getting an “error in the java script console” when trying to post and I have to delete my temporary internet folder to be able to post again. Happens everytime i leave the site and come back. Happens in chrome and ie8.

Okay, thanks for clearing that up. Please do something about giving users access to posts per page setting.

Have this issue myself, seems to be linked to something with NoScript add-on in Firefox 4 for me. Disabling it(or “enabling scripts globally”) and things worked. Odd thing was I enabled all blocked scripts that showed up in the drop down menu of NoScript, and that did not fix the issue.

I also get this. And many others are getting it as well.

Edit: this is the error if I turn off Javascript.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 79 bytes) in /home/shoryu/public_html/forum/library/Zend/Db/Statement/Mysqli.php on line 304

How would I go about getting rid of email notifications for watched threads? I’ve searched through all the options but I couldn’t find anything that actually turned the email notifications off. The only thing I can thing of right now that would work is unwatching the thread, but I would still like to be subscribed to the thread. I’m fine with alerts on SRK, but I’m not ok with having an email notification every single time someone replies to a thread

Click on the “watch thread” link on the thread itself and change it there.

I’m having some pretty serious problems with the forum, specifically on Safari on OSX. First of all, almost all of the hyperlinks I click on the forum to get to a specific thread will FREEZE my browser, forcing me to lose everything open, force quit and restart. Secondly, some threads are being threaded horribly wrong. Here is an example: