Official Problem and Solution Thread


Mr. Wizard - Has the glitch that is deleting current threads or making them unpostable been fixed? I saw that two of the threads that were locked out started getting posts again. This is in the Southwest section.

EDIT: This was one of the busted threads. You posted a test post and after that the few people who were able to post both claim they can only post on their cell phones. I tried to post in there to redirect traffic back in there but it logs me out every time so I can’t test it myself to see if the thread is working.

Double EDIT: Got some new info one of the user PM’d me the error they see when trying to post: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in /home/shoryu/public_html/forum/library/Zend/Db/Statement/Mysqli.php on line 294”



i can’t post in the regional threads cuse it keeps telling me that im not logged in when clearly im logged in… people really need to check this out…


Ive applied a fix to the logout problem, go ahead and try it out and let me know if it works or not.

if it isnt working clear all cookies and cache, and try to logout and log back in.


gonna test


Works on chrome and newer firefox for me…

yet on the older browsers it doesnt. and others are still reporting issues.


Seems even worse on my end now. FF5 cleared cookies/cache and still no dice.


Nope, back to the same issues. Went to mod something in Atlantic North and it logged me out.


Still can’t post in my regional thread. Cache has been cleared out. I have used Firefox 3 & 4. Still can’t quote from posts nor post from the front page.


dude you try using other options instead of post reply?


Wiz… people have tried other options, please believe. People have literally went into a forum and have gotten logged out. I even simply tried to mod something.

We have tried

[]Multiple browsers (new and old) and operating systems
]Using the “More Options”
[*]Clearing cache and cookies… increasing storage for both once cleared.

I know some people who are tech and said they have problems hence I said post it in here. Your suggestion worked for me but I am doing it multiple times.


Hey Wiz, I tried using “More Options” when trying to post while logged in and a message came up, “You must be logged in to do that.” So far, this only seems to happen when I post in the D.M.V. Thread. Maybe Maryland doesn’t like me anymore haha.


The forums are still a huge mess. I wonder what happened. Everything worked fine for a week or so. I keep getting redirected to the main page among lots of other problem.


i can’t post in the only forum i’m interested to post in. I hope this get fixed ASAP or i’ll drop this for good T_T (my request for a color change for “new post within thread” instead of mere tiny bolding wasn’t heard either, and it’s no fun to compare dates the whole time, i cant see any difference between threads whose contain new post and those that do not).


And I still can’t see shit when I try to post…


I cant emulate any of these problems… Are you guys running FireFox with NoScript or AdBlock+?


problem is if u’ve ur browser zoomed. (I’m at 125%). barely any difference visible if bolded or not. thus, need a color change in addition of simple bolding. the old srk board had light blue + dark bold blue. why not here?


I think the server might be slow as hell. I clicked reply to Jaxel’s post, and waited it to load for over a minute before I decided to just start typing… in fact it’s still trying to load right now. Anyway I’ve gotten the same problem in firefox, IE, whatever browser is on MAC, and on my cell phone… always the same crap getting redirected back to the main page 3/4 times i click a link in this damn forum.


Am I blind, or are you unable to edit your front page blog comments? Sorry if this was already asked


I’m still looking for an answer to how I can get my avatar to show up when I comment on articles. I’m tired of looking at that colorful picture when I comment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Put it on gravatar and it will show on the comments.