Official Problem and Solution Thread


Now its big and pixelated, are you happy? lol


SF4 Chun-Li lounge/general discussion’s title became busted. Looks like the OP was hijacked by a bot. Any way to fix that?


how do I make my signature not blurry?

I literally copied the dimensions of the default image given if you dont have an avatar, and its still blurry as hell for me.


How does one switch from HTML to regular text when editing posts? I’m trying to add/edit the Beginner’s Links thread and now it’s muffed up as I am not familiar with HTML coding.


Profile pages are really messed up at this point. Can’t click on anything in anybody’s (including my) profile pages.

edit: Seems fixed. There is still an ad behind the date joined info and that whole line. Could just be chrome haven’t really checked on other browsers.


KOF section is pretty dead, but the KOF 98 megathread got hijacked in a similar way to the old Chun-Li thread.


Any chance you can de-HTML this thread?


How the hell do I change the text right under my avatar ?


So my Cap thread is still stuck in html mode…meaning I can’t edit it without sifting through a super paragraph because it didn’t do line breaks.

Can a mod please fix this?!? It’s been like this for a few months.

Thread in question:

It only happens on the first 3 posts.


May have been asked a billion times now, but where’d the smileys go? I know it’s not the biggest issue, just wanna know what’s up.


Which mod should I PM to change usernames?

I can’t seem to find any information on who could assist me and I’m not spamming all of them haha.


You can usually only change usernames during the holidays. Mods can’t help you with that, only Mr Wizard.


Sorry if this has already been brought up. I noticed when I post a paragraph of text my motto (text under av) does not stay within the column. Instead of appearing on two lines it appears as one, resulting in the motto overlapping any content that appears in the actual post.

It’s a very easy css fix, find the class MItem change “nowrap” to “inherit” or just delete “nowrap”.

.MItem {white-space:nowrap;} 


I always read “SF4: Ryu,” “UMvC3: Tron/Dante/Arthur,” and “SFxTK: Asuka/Sakura” on the bottom of the user’s comments. How do I do that?


It’s a signature. Click the gear in the top-right and go to Signature Settings.


okay thanks


Send an email to, he’s been our main contact, and has said to make sure he’s contacted about issues.


This thread: Best controller for fighting games?
In chrome, this thread gives me a Malware warning saying may have inserted potentially dangerous malware into the page. I assume it’s somebody’s avatar or something, but thought I’d throw it in here just in case.


Yeah I got the same warning as Smoke when visiting that page earlier today.


For the most part I have no issues navigating/posting using this new forum layout but for some reason I can’t post using BBCode in the THE NEW OFFICIAL ARCADE STICK ART THREAD NO IMAGE QUOTING! thread in Tech Talk section.

Whenever I try to click on add an image or link button nothing happens and when I try to quote a post within that thread I see the html code instead of what I’d normally expect to see.

In the image below I went to the thread and click on the quote button for the last post (also in the image). As you can see, the editor field where the quote is is all HTML/CSS type instead of normal.

Anyone know why this happens? I’ve tried clearing all my browser history/cache (chrome) but it didn’t help and as I mentioned, it only happens in this one thread :frowning: