Official Problem and Solution Thread


Signing out of my account.

It’s becoming quite frequent on my work PC, mobile phone, laptop, and desktop. Why?


Are the bot threads here going to be dealt with soon?


Got em.

Also, lol at the KI fan posting evo questions in the discussion groups root. I never knew using the internet could be so hard.

lol xbros


What is this doing in the Domination 101 section…shouldn’t it be in the Video Gallery?


Anyone else other than me experiencing the glitch where clicking on stuff sends me to and therefore logging me out?


Ok guys, having problems directlinking images from facebook using the image button. Whenever I try to do so, and put the link in img tags, it just leaves blank space in my actual post. I can see the images other people directlink from fb just fine, but say if I try and post the exact image they posted, it still leaves me with blank space where the image should be. Anyone have this problem before? I used to be able to directlink fb images without a problem


NVM, should’ve read the stickies.


Likes, dislikes, etc. have all but disappeared.


Was just going to post this. Now instead of clicking a button to show my displeasure with a post I have to actually use words to convey my feelings of disdain. This cannot continue!

I’m also randomly getting these “oops, something went wrong” messages when clicking on threads. Backing up and trying again usually solves it, but it’s annoying as hell. Using the latest Chrome browser.

An entire column disappeared from the top of the forum list. I never paid much any attention to it so I can’t recall offhand what it contained.


I agree. I’m also suffering from the Oops something went wrong error.


What gives? I like the like/agree/disagree/lol feature.


Can we get a fucking answer for this or is SRK just updating again?

I stayed here after the mass exodus after the last change in software, but if the like system is permanently gone, I think I’ll stick to Reddit.


I agree those features are one of the things I love most about this forum…



I can’t even like your comment lol. So sad.


Been getting a lot of this lately


Using chrome if that matters.


Getting the sign out automatically problems again.

Where you’re doing regular browsing and it signs out which happened before.

This one is new, immediately after making a post with the quick reply to stay on the same page it reloaded and signed me out. Then my password wouldn’t work to sign back in. Reset password.

Get the problem again, then the new changed password wouldn’t take. 1 more password reset was needed. Do I have to reset my password everytime this happens?


Can’t edit your posts anymore?


getting logged off frequently for no apparent reason


Spoiler tags inside spoiler tags aren’t working, they hide the whole thing when I click “show”. I already tried with other browsers and the problem persists.


if the name of that smash thread is responsible for causing the “what’s new” and “best of” boxes to be stacked at some resolutions, someone tell them to change it

at least it’s in the correct section by being in gd though