Official Problem and Solution Thread


The adverts which wrap around the forum and the website are IMMENSELY annoying! They interfere with everything! Is no one else suffering from this?

When I try to sign in or press post comment or even a thread whose title is too short, it ends up clicking the bloody advert when the advert looks like it is no where near what I’m trying to click on! I had to figure a work around to avoid this crap. Is there a better solution to this?

I use Google Chrome.



I am posting here in regards to the Shoryuken world rankings system. Specifically for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Now, as EVO has past, I have just noticed that at least up to top 64 has been honored into the system, as opposed to just top 32. And I, Alex Revived, have recently placed in top 64 at 33rd place, losing both qualifying matches for top 32 to Jan and then to Yipes subsequently. But the bracket online ( lists my first QF opponent, Aveary, beating me when in fact that is not true at all. I beat Aveary to get to where he is placed on the bracket online. And I have proof:

Tweet saying that Jan beat me (Even though it says “renewed” instead of “revived”)

Tweet saying Yipes beat Xian to play against me for a qualifying spot in loser’s.

And here is my offsteam qualifying match against Jan.

Now, whether or not it is too late to change things, I would still like to know if it’s possible to change the rankings so that it has my top 64 finish listed under my entry. ( I have already alerted Eventhubs about this and they made the appropriate changes. I tried to ask the bracket manager on Sunday to see if it was possible to change it, but she said she had no access to the bracket afterwards, and that all I could do was acknowledge in my heart that I beat Aveary. So the bracket still acknowledges Aveary in 33rd place over me and thus any unknowing results posters will in turn list Aveary in the place I’m supposed to be at. I had already emailed the staff of SRK about this, but I have recieved no answer since. I would appreciate an answer to this as soon as possible since I just really want to know if it’s possible to change things now. Thank you.


Okay so are you guys going to ever fix this extremely damaging flaw to your site, or are you just concerned about putting more ads that people are also complaining about?


The current adverts on the site make it absolutely unusable on my work computer. Every attempt to click on a story or post opens the advert. It’s ludicrous.


Which posts are still broken? That poster should fix them. If not, I’m willing to do it by hand if you point me to some subset of the problem. :\


Just received spam mail from a SRK member. wtf


So did I. User anth1. Seems like SRK has been compromised somehow with a bunch of spam bots


my SRK emoicons are gone :sad:

My life is ruined…


I can’t quote another user on mobile.


Move icons seem to be gone, too.

Isn’t this the “problem and solution thread” instead of the “problem thread”?


Well I was looking for makoto information, so I noticed it at:

I’m sure the problem is also at some of the other old character posts too, but I haven’t really looked into it.
Still I rather see the issue addressed because it seems like a good way to sort information. Just restructuring all the posts doesn’t seem like the ideal solution.


I would like to change my username, but an “add” always appears next to the only space where I can change my username. Also, on the iphone, when I use it to go ahead and change my username, and add does not appear, but the area where I can actually “type” my username is grey so as to say I “can’t” type a username. Is there something I am missing? thanks -


We can not change our names (not sure why). If you want a name change, I believe you need to talk to the big cheese of the site, Mr. Wizard.


So, no one can post…


Spambots are unflaggable and I can no longer comment etc via my phone :frowning:


I kept posting in the Newbie Forums because I didn’t go here as often. Now I feel like a complete heel for my actions. What should I do to Redeem myself and that I will learn from my mistakes? I’m sorry. I won’t post in the Newbie forums again and I wish that I can prove to you guys that I can change my actions…


You can still post in the Newbie forums, but make sure that you ask a question. The whole point of the Newbie forums is to ask a question in anything. Your threads were basically introductions and you didn’t ask a question.

So, next time if you do post in the Newbie forums, ask a question. :wink:


Happened again, is there going to be any official statement from SRK about what’s going on?


Someone that knows what’s going on should really say something


How do I contact him? I tried a search and it did not come up@screw_tiers