Official Problem and Solution Thread


Here’s his profile:

Try sending a pm. I’m not sure what are the chances of him responding, but his e-mail is there too; in case he doesn’t respond to the pm.


Anyone else not able to quote on mobile? I keep getting a ‘null’ when I try to quote someone, but it only happens when I’m on my phone.


It’s been a problem. Unsurprisingly, there’s been little comment on it from higher-ups.


The quote button doesnt work at all on mobile?


Yeah, when you go to quote someone, all that appears is “null”. Also, you can’t link urls and mention someone since it appears as plain text.


I’ve tried typing in

but even that doesn’t work.

I seem to be able to mention people and link things though.


OK, ive put in a ticket regarding quoting on the mobile side of things.


Quoting should be fixed.

The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp
The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp

Good stuff, it works! Thanks mate!


Is there a reason why some of my posts just…don’t post when I press “Post Comment”? Or is it limited to certain sub-forums only?


Every single user now has to be Verified. This was only true as of last. Most users aren’t Verified since that’s a new thing since switching to Vanilla. You’re fixed now. I’ve been monitoring the “Verify” queue every ~6-8 hours or so to keep on top of this.


Haven’t logged in for over a year and It seems none of my posts are goin through. Do i need to be verified?


Test post. Post getting eaten if i try posting in other places.


Why can’t I post anything?


Had to create a new account because I forgot my info from forever ago. It’s been 4 days, I’ve posted 3-4x (once was a test post). Nothing has been “approved.” It still says I have 0 posts in my profile. This is ridiculous.


Not sure if this is an error, but even when I unbookmark a thread I still get emails. I want to unsubscribe from just one thread rather than lose email notifications entirely.


I want to delete an account, with everything gone and all that. How do I go about doing this/who do I ask?


Bots on the SF5 section are going NUTS!


Have comments been disabled on the front page? Disqus doesn’t load at all for me on the front page.


Ever thought about any processes to eliminate bots a little easier? Like a thread creation daily allowance, or a 1 week waiting period on accounts before threads can be made or something.

Or hell, just super good human recognition software. Bots seem to be increasing in amounts recently which is why I bring it up. I’ve seen about 4/5 instances in the past 3 weeks.