Official Problem and Solution Thread


Trying to get my default SRK avatar back but the Remove Picture button does not seem to be working. Any possible solutions?


A minor problem, but randomly my smartphone will load the desktop version of SRK, not the easier to read mobile version.

It usually corrects itself in a 1/2 days.
Anything to force it back to mobile?



We lost the ability to resize text a week ago.

Example: EVO MVC3 topic in Top 5 drafting a post, but I stopped caring once BBCode tag for size stopped working


your suggestion is only in the form
of a complaint, with no suggestions actually

so expect that to get treated like it is

cant change yesterday
can act to change tomorrow

but go ahead and grandstand like make your own events
not you but wait until someone with the means and
that word dont know this second

initiative does it while your lazy ass capitalizes WORDS on the net and this blows over in a week

you want word from those running the site?
expect not to get any, especially promises from the way youre going about it

initiative does it while your lazy ass capitalizes WORDS on the net and this blows over in a week


You are not a real poster. You are a bot. You don’t get to voice your complaints.


SRK wiki has been down since at least yesterday, anyone know what’s up?

Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.

Try waiting a few minutes and reloading.

(Cannot contact the database server)


@MrWizard Paging MrWizard if you can help :slight_smile:


I second this, there was a lot of useful stuff in there.

Any news about the wiki status?


Been down I think 4 days now and not even a word on if it’s being looked into :confused:


its been looked into.


Wiki’s still down, but a different error this time:

This webpage is not available



What’s the bbcode for hiding stuff with spoilers ?


[-spoiler][/-spoiler] …(Get rid of the dashes)


Was the forum down today? Couldn’t get in here for hours. The main site was working fine, but I couldn’t connect to the forum server.


Forums were down for me too.

dat Manilla Vanilla life tho :coffee:


@MrWizard The “:” smiley is the wrong one. It should be :bluu:, but instead is :confused:. Pls fix.


Not sure if this goes here but I didn’t want to make a new thread. Is there a way to go to the last unread post in a thread via url?

edit: Thanks!


Add #latest to the thread URL.


Why are moderation notes hidden from public view now? I used to enjoy reading ban messages the mods left for people on their warnings page.


Those are different things meant so mods can leave notes on user profiles that only mods can see. The feature still seems kinda beta to me.

edit: This is as opposed to Bans and Warnings which TMK should still show up on profiles for all users. But we moved over to a new Warning system, so all previous warnings should be expired at this point.


What’s up with these banned people coming back with alt names and being allowed to post again?

This is getting really goddamn exhausting, especially since we are only allowed to ignore 20 names.

Maybe it’s time to start implementing IP bans by county.