Official Problem and Solution Thread


Any specific references here… ? PM me if that’s a better medium.


I forgot the person’s name already, but he posts numerous times in the Lounge. I’ll just flag his shit or something next time I see him posting.


Flagging doesn’t do anything you want it to do except for bots. Do not use it nor abuse it to flag users. If you need a mod to deal with something, either @ or PM the/a mod.


What’s so hard about it? You’ll see my face in the flag and think “Oh, this must be that motherfucker Raz0r said was possibly an alt account.”

Seems cake to me.


That’s not how it works currently. Based upon our previous conversations, you’re aware of that. Spam flags need to solely be used for bot spam. That is the only thing that they are good for. I’ve mentioned this to you previously. For any other moderation level concern, either @ or PM a mod.



That’s the name of the perpetrator.


Hm. I thought I’d take a step back and look at this. I don’t know how the Ignore plugin works: looks like 20 slots is the current default(?) and I don’t see further settings.

I checked around a little further to see if I could bump your personal Ignore list limit. You now have 19 free Ignore slots to work with. You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


So, ‘Right Clicking a Quote to open in a new tab’ gives you the page

but its blank with no quote.

Sigs randomly disappearing from pages too. But are there right after you make the post.


How do I look at a list of the 42 users who pressed LOL at one post. I’m wondering if Beta senpai pressed lol to the Tylone roasting.


how do you unsubscribe from threads?


Click on the little star at the top of the thread on the page.


didnt work. still getting updates from a thread i have not posted in for years.


forgive my ignorance, but what is the plugin or application name that enables the reaction bar (lol’s, like, agree, etc) for Vanilla forums?




Are there icons for punch (any punch, like :k:) and charged directions?


:lp: :mp: :hp: :b: :f: :punch: ?

We’re using the Shoryuken Emoticons set. I don’t know how to browse into or edit that. I think that’s a Wiz thing and I believe he’s out of town until early next week.


I meant a white punch icon, meaning “any punch” (just like :k: means “any kick”).
If there’s colon-k-colon for generic kick, I don’t know why there isn’t colon-p-colon for generic punch.

These are normal directions, not charged directions.


I’m unaware. Looks like you want to hit up Wiz once he’s back.


'Kay. Then I’ll just mention @MrWizard here and wait for him to show up. Thanks!


This new intrusive Complex Media bar is pissing me off. :mad: