Official Problem and Solution Thread


yeah, is there no way to have it from expanding to full screen width after EVERY page refresh? its almost a joke there is a close button on it.


Havent logged in a good time, are there mobile layouts as well? Like the dark lay out / theme?


What happened to the dark theme?
What happened to the likes/dislikes…sigs…and join years?

Why does my eyes hurt?


Looks like they fixed it. I guess SRK just broke for a bit.


how can i delete my account here? i cant find the option.


You can’t…I think you could ask an admin to though.

Preppy or MrWizard.


Yup, PM me. Since that screws with the board history, you’ll want to explain why deletion is necessary versus just logging out and moving on.


So I have to be logged in in order to view the forums via mobile…is that a thing now?


I have to be signed in now too. It’s extra garbage considering viewing a thread automatically subscribes you to it, with no way to unsubscribe.


you cant even see the forum when your not logged in anymore…so its doesnt matter anyway.
is it a bug or intention?


Dunno: I’m not aware of anything that changed there. That’d be a question to Wiz.


Yeah it’s kind of annoying when I just want to quickly browse a section, or send a link to a friend who doesn’t have an account now. Everything just comes up blank or if I direct link to a post, it ask me to login. I hope it’s a bug and not intended to work like this.


Yeah, that is why I created an account recently. I really do hope they change this.


First they limit account registration to invitations only. Now you are required to login to view the forum.

inb4 monthly subscription to browse SRK and everyone migrates to EH


I’d rather pay a sub for these forums than go to Eventscrubs…


Yeah what the hell? Been wondering for a few days now what happened to the forums, shows just a blank with no discussions found or nothing. Made me login to this clown site to view it, usually I just lurk every now and then, Mr. Wiz up to some janky shit for sure.


Can you find out?


Why not just ask @MrWizard yourself?


@MrWizard is the unavailability of forums unless logged in intentional?




Been over a week now. What’s the deal with this log-in to view board requirement?