Official Problem and Solution Thread



i just realized this too. Website wont let me view threads unless logged in.


Are there any skins for mobile? I don’t use SRK’s default (vanilla) skins, google stylish blue steel ftfw


Whenever I scroll over any of the reaction buttons, the lists go downwards and the lots of white space is generated as a result. Additionally, I can no longer access/view the dark theme for the website, join dates have changed from length of time to actual dates, and the reaction pages on profiles no longer shows the reaction buttons for reference. Pictures below to show what I mean


You can now Flag :: Report posts. I think is the solution people have been looking for. So far it seems to work well. (Mods, this shows up under the Reported Posts option under Settings. I don’t know how to clear them either.)


I thought you said you resolved the spamming?


We can never resolve the spamming perfectly. It’s 1000x better than it was, and the new Report flag actually works even though mods need to check it. The Report flag is about exactly what the Spam flag should have been.


I don’t know if it’s a problem with my PC but lately, sometimes clicking links here opens a new tab to spam/ad websites. I’ll do a virus scan to be sure but it’s just something that I’ve noticed.

Edit: nevermind. I think it’s a problem on my end


Browsing to the SRK forums from a Tablet results in this page:

I’m on Android 6.0.1, using Chrome Stable v53. Toggling the “Request Desktop Version” option still gives the same result.

This started happening after the recent Dyn DDoS attack has been resolved (and it apparently affected SRK as well)
Opening the Forums from a phone works, with both Mobile and the Full version
No issues were present on Desktop

any ideas what’s going on @Preppy ?


Noticed various issues over the course of recent days

  • The forum either doesn’t load up at all (and I’m presented with an error message in Chrome), or I’m greeted with Vanilla’s “Oops, something went wrong” screen. A refresh or two usually helps, but such errors might happen on complete random
  • Clicking on reaction buttons also sometimes displays “Whoops! There was an error” message. Happens at complete random
  • Same happens when trying to leave a comment, and I’m greeted with a “There was an error performing your request. Please try again” message
  • The forum sometimes automatically logs me out. This happens very rarely, but it does happen nonetheless. Pretty sure during such occasions I’m browing the forum actively and I have the “Keep me logged in” option ticked on the login screen. Might be Chrome-related, couldn’t test with other browsers
  • The comment draft system automatically bring up the saved draft even after I post the comment I wanted. This results in me posting that said draft + whatever I wanted to post in respone to somebody else. Can only be fixed by removing the draft, inputting a symbol (like a dot) and clicking save draft
  • The forum’s index page (after the recent changes) now displays the forum/subforum name twice. Once in the left (as usual), and second time when displaying who replied in which thread and how long ago. I guess this makes sense for categories with multiple subforums, but other than that it’s kinda redundant
  • (not quite a problem but still) The forum doesn’t embed https links from Twitch. Only works if you remove the “s” and insert it as http:// …
  • If somebody uses a BBCode for code, when using the Dark Theme - whatever content inside is invisible as it’s displayed in a yellow color

like this



1/2/3/4/5/7/8 all are Wiz level stuff.
As regards 6 - can you give me an example or screenshot… ?


OK, everybody Level 2 and higher should now bypass the spam check.

Everybody OG gets Premium access, which is mostly just a nostalgic thing.

New mods.


This is what I’m talking about

See how the index page mentions the category/subforum name twice? It makes sense for subforums with multiple separate categories within (like Regional Matchmaking or Media Outlet), but this also applies to subforums without categoeis within them, like the ones I highlighted on the screenshot, it’s simply redundant. I suppose it can’t be tweaked per-forum and has to be either turned on or off globally

As for the rest - can you give Wiz the feedback about these issues? They’re kinda annoying tbh and I’m sure other people are also experiencing this


That’s by design, since that indicates where that particular post was made. It’s redundant in Categories view but useful in Discussion view. Just ignore it in Categories view.

I already did and cannot help further there. That’s a Wiz thing. :bluu:


So it looks like the Vanilla Forums have again done some changes

The YouTube videos aren’t embedding properly, offering no player, and upon clicking the thumbnail you’re sent to the main website

For example:

Any idea what’s up with that @Preppy ?




That is a damned good question. No idea.


Sorry, I scrubbed that up. Fix is in progress: probably will take a little bit to reprocess people. :sad:



center tags arent working anymore :expressionless:


Also, pretty much all embedding is currently broken on the forum

Youtube, twitter, Twitch, instagram, all of it offers either a thumbnail or just a link. Guess something changed under the hood in the forum engine

Inserting hyperlinks and images works as Intended