Official Problem and Solution Thread


Yes embedding is broken. I can’t fix it on my side. This is a Vanilla thing.


OK, confirmed from Vanilla that Embedding is broken on their side and that they are aware of it and plan to patch it “real soon”. I can work around the break by switching the site to use WYSIWYG style editing, but that seems like such a headache since I think most of us are used to code-level posting. I can do it if needed, though. Just seems like it would be weird.


Aaaaaand things are now fixed for embedding. Thanks Vanilla!


Just logged in for the first time in a minute and tried to add social but…

{“errors”:[{“code”:215,“message”:“Bad Authentication data.”}]}

any fixes Preppy?


Were you trying to use Twitter or Facebook login? I think I got Facebook login maybe working. I promise nothing. Twitter login I like less so didn’t try fixing that - I just turned that off for now. I could fix that if that’s useful to people, though.

Thanks for letting me know - I went to the Social Plugins page and both plugins were clearly marked as non-configured. Whoops for whomever turned them on: at the least I’ve moved us forward this far. :tup:


Ignore Function

When you set userA to ignore, if userB quotes userA, the userA msg should be auto placed in spoiler tags. Currently it breaks the purpose of the ignore flag, as I can still see userA’s msg even though I want this user ignored.


That’s a shortcoming in Vanilla that I can’t help with. Asking them about it might get you somewhere.


Spammer posting on people’s walls.


I noticed that whenever a thread I’m subscribed to gets a new post…it appears as already read.


Glad I’am not the only this is happening to. Have they found the issue?


Anytime I try to make a youtube video fullscreen within an article on the main page, it immediately refreshes the page. The only way to watch something fullscreen is to go to the actual yt page.
Shit’s annoying.

EDIT: Happens with Twitch as well.


Any reason for why, on the individual user posts, the user avatars are contained in a div class=“PhotoWrap”, whose size dimensions are 159×160?

Since the forum automatically resizes uploaded avatars to 160×160, and those show correctly in the comment box at the bottom of the screen, the aforementioned anomaly makes no sense. And there is plenty of room to bring that one pixel back, anyway.

Tiny thing, but it’s been a source of annoyance for me for a while. Keep getting reminded of it whenever I make a new av. :slight_smile:


Looks like we put an override in place to have it be 159x160 instead of 159x159(?) back in 2015. Should be all the way fixed now.


This happened yesterday. I can’t post comments in GD. The comment box simply disappears. Can’t make threads in GD either.


Problem: Forums closing
Solution: Fix it


forgot to reply: this was fixed


I frequently have problems posting comments on front page articles. I keep getting Discus errors preventing me from signing on no matter which method I choose. Can you make it so that one can post without having to go through Discus?


I can only help with Vanilla ( issues. I don’t know who runs the front page.


Sadly, any issues with Disqus can likely only be fixed by Disqus and not us.

One question though, are you getting the log in issues only on SRK, or is it happening on other sites using Disqus in general?


Can’t access my account.


I requested a name change a while back to this current name. Dunno if that matters. Anyway when i request password reset/email it doesn’t recognize anything and im not getting an email.

Originally i said screw it and just decided to make a new account, but the new user rules are in fact the worst things ever here.