Official PSVita/PSP chat thread



New hardware, same rules.

**- No fanboy nonsense. 3DS thread is that way. Grow the hell up. **

- No ROM/ISO/pirate talk. Ask someone over PM. Buy games, don’t be a dick.

Recommended sites to visit:

PSVita | Joystiq and PSP | Joystiq General Vita/PSP news
PSP at or : PSP-Hacks: PSP homebrew files

And if you want anything else added to the first few posts, ask me and I’ll put it up here.

All right let’s keep it movin.

The Official PLAYSTATION® Thread: E3 - PS4 Pro November 10th $399
The Official PLAYSTATION® Thread: E3 - PS4 Pro November 10th $399


Available now!

– Official PlayStation Vita user manual
– SCE’s official Vita FAQ

– Misc Notes:
** US and JP 3G models are carrier-locked-- 3G only works with their intended carrier’s (Docomo/AT&T) SIM cards. HK 3G models are unlocked**

- PSP! -’s PSP games section’s PSP game video section

– PlayStation Network Store is available directly on your PSP, as well as via PS3 or your PC (when you install Sony’s Media Go file transfer portal). You must create a PSN account to log in.

– PSN content list


- Vita and PSP Hacking Stuff - is the place to get detailed instructions for PSP hacks and up-to-date Vita developments. Or ask here if you’re lost.

– Ripping your UMD games to memory stick… less storage and less battery consumption… makes life so much easier.
This Youtube video walks you through it, if you ignore the minor typos

– PS1 to PSP converter for custom firmwares:

–PhotoFast Dual Slot Adapter: Buy one of these and two MicroSDHC cards. PSP will recognize the combination as double the storage [media=youtube]VSrdfbso9CE[/media].



  • After installing custom firmware, your PSP can access a huge inventory of homebrew apps like original games, Youtube players, pdf readers, file managers etc. Below are a few recommended applications, but try searching for others…

– PMPlayer AdVanCe - Plays mp4, flv, avi, and mkv videos with a ton of options and features

– Cave Story homebrew port - Excellent Metroid-ish action-platformer.

– Emulators -
List of emulators from PSP-Hacks


Taito can’t enforce rules, but I can. Don’t you fucking dare bring in any handheld wars posts here. No one cares if you think DS is better or worse except me. And I only care because I want to know who I’ll be banning.


Tell 'em why u mad Sep!


Thanks for the info, Taito. I have 15 bucks store credit at Gamecrazy, so I’m gonna go up there today. Best thing about GC is you can try anything there as long as you bring your PSP. They have a used copy of LCS there, so I’ll see if it’s unpatched or not.


YES! Now we can have a real PSP thread instead of that rom and emu bunk that bogged down actual discussion. Great job Taito. Furry approves! And thanks for the support Sep.

So I’m on the last stage of Daxter I was impressed over all. It’s just short as hell. :-/ And I have most of the orbs too but don’t care enough to get 100% in the game.
Import Titles Worth Owning**
Guilty Gear Judgment (JP)
Star Soldier
DJ Max Portable Series


I’ve been playing the hell out of metal slug anthology.

Load times are a bitch though.


I’ve been playing the hell out of Burnout Dominator since that shit is TOO FUN.

Great work there Taito!


I’ve created a monster.


I actually recommend over Considering that Quickjump just takes stuff from psp-hacks in the first place.


Burnout Dominator is out already?

I always knew that about Quickjump (I don’t really follow psp-hacks but they ripoff DCEmu all the time) but QJ’s layout and search engine are easier to follow than other PSP sites I’ve run into… they’re just good for getting files, really.


I disagree about the layout and with finding things on QJ in comparison to psp-hacks. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use QJ. They do a good job when it comes to hording all the information in one area, I guess.


Hey, how do you check to see if it is unpatched or not?


Like I said, Gamecrazy lets you try before you buy, so I’ll just pop it in, then on the main menu it’ll have an option under “Games” below the UMD to download the firmware update from the UMD.


Which firmware does the unpatched one have? Which one does the patched one have? Sorry if this sounds really basic.


That’s a good question actually. The game ID for the unpatched LCS is ULUS 10041… and that ID is printed right on the UMD, as well as the spine of the package art.


Thanks. My friend needs to downgrade his 3.03 FW. Then he can join the rest of us in homebrew awesomeness.



Anyway, i’d just like to point out that if you’re looking to upgrade, keep checking the DCEMU forums that taito linked. Soon after Dark Alex releases a hack, someone on those forums always releases an easy installer. It’s what I always use, and it works 100%, no need to know anything advanced.

PSP radio is a must have app imo.