Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


Aksys announced today they are localizing some PS Vita games…

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs World Tour
Bad Apple Wars,
Collar X Malice
Period Cube: Torikago no Amadeus
Code: Realize Future Blessings
Tokyo Xanadu


Can we get a remake of Tales of Vesperia that includes all the jap content as well as new stuff with updated graphics and an updated battle system?

All the characters in the last few games are wack as fuck.


Well damn…Valkyrie Drive is coming to the west.


Is God Eater: Resurrection worth buying or should I just wait for 2?


Worth it. Only $20 and the game could last you even past God Eater 2 release if you wanted it to


What the fuck is this bullshit?


We get it, you already preordered it. Stop showing off.


wtf lol.

Touch an a swipu, touch an a swipu!!!


I can’t believe that trailer is 6 minutes long to explain titty touching, fuck man. And worst of all game looks like total shit.


You tripping bro this game is clearly redefining the vita stroking genre.


Explain which mechanics in this game are so unique.
Stripping down your enemies and then furiously stroking your vita was the main draw of Moe Chronicle, and that came out over a year ago.
Using sex toys to power up your characters was common in Criminal Girls and that was originally a psp game before being remade for the vita.


Wow, so this is what my beloved Vita has been reduced to, huh? Might as well go all out and put the H-games on it. Give us a bible black or starless game, lmfao!


It has ALL of that combined and you can upgrade your oppai IN REAL TIME!!!


I paid 160 for a vita and memory card. I got some dope ass games and many hours of enjoyment. Fuck you, sir.


Those games have been out for a while now, at least those types of games.


I dont give a fuck what has been out for years. Ive played Dragons Crown for many hours. Im gonna play it for many more hours. Im gonna play all games I have for many hours. Once I get plus I’ll play a lot more games. Why? Because that shit is dope. Once a knew hack comes out im gonna hack that bitch. PSV is a great system.


Wrong ass thread…I lost my Vita BTW.

I still buy games for it.


Yeah I bet dawg, you probably busted many times to that game.

[details=Spoiler] MANY TIMES !!!



I aint like you dog or Kromo. I dont get off on anime girls and shit. I just play that shit for fun. You is just a chump ass busta that talks shit but always be hittin’ up them anime porno sites and shit. Back up son.


But I don’t have a dog.