Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


But you still be diggin’ that anime shit. Fuck you.


Someone’s sodium levels are at maximum, lmfao!

Don’t be mad at me, be mad at Sony for killing it off, as well as rubbing salt in the wound by continuing to throw bullshit hack cancelling firmware updates at it . I love my Vitas (four owned, one hacked), but you can kick rocks with all those visual novels and kiddy/loli games.


Darn, so I can’t play it on my pstv, no touch support.

[details=Spoiler]I’m kidding, as if!!!]/spoiler]


Between this and Galgun 2, the vita is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Now if only bullet girls would get released here.

Friendship, fuck yeah.


bet you $50 that Drizzt’s divorced ass chafes his penis to hentai when people aren’t looking.


You fat fuck…I bet your thighs chafe when you walk. Dumb ass motherfucker.

Anyway…man, of all the games I have on this fuckin’ Vita I have been playing Plants Vs. Zombies. I wanted to play some Dragon’s Crown this evening but Im fuckin’ tired and Im gonna hit the sack after these people leave.


Thanks for saving me $20.


one person’s POV on the subject:

My thoughts:
If you’ve played GE:B, GE:R is a pretty nice revisit to the game with new features and some stuff from GE2:RB.
[] The 3 added weapons types (Hammer, Spear, Scythe) are cool, with the gun derivative of Shotgun being a nice bonus.
] Bullet Editor change-ups (specific gun/bullet types, parameter values, etc.) make for interesting modification/creation choices as some people set out to (re)create stuff from GE:B and GE2:RB, to some extent (I spent a good amount of time with Bullet Editor, just experimenting and making stuff.)
[] There’s a fair bit of extra customization stuffs for weapons like added skills/attributes and such. Even AI NPCs can be customized with abilities for battle/reward perks.
] The new ‘Devour’ mechanic stuffs adds some customization/flexibility to your personal playstyle with their various actions/effects that usually involve a change in the instance you can use the Devour. Usually it’s a movement change/effective range/burst activation according to the state you are in at the time (in combo, aerial, step, etc)
[*] The touchscreen gets some usage for map, item, and AI NPC command stuff.

Overall, I’m enjoying it. The price point was worth it and the file size wasn’t too bad (3.3 GB).
YMMV though if you are coming from GE:B or from import GE2:RB stuffs.


Almost bought a psp go just to play psx games.

Still might cause I don’t particularly care about any vita games. I think finding a 32gb stick for it might be a bit hard though.


I pre-ordered the Mr. Happiness Edition on PS4. Ima stream that shit as soon as it hits my doorstep.


Man, I really like the Vita but i dont forget. This bitch fucked me over like a week or two after it released. Im still hatin’ for that shit. But non the less…its a pretty dope ass handheld.


Why are you still in this thread?


Why the fuck you gonna buy a psp? Just download ppsspp and get them ISOs from emuparadise.

Shit…I got me a crappy ass obama phone and I have that shit on there and Ive been playing the psp remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story. Even got it so I can use a ps3 controller to play that shit instead of using crappy touch screen controls.

Edit - I also have a playstation emulator on this pathetic phone and Ive been playing Legend of Legaia on it.

Ninja Edit - The playstation emulator is called FPse.


I wouldn’t play hentai games on my Vita, for the simple fact of keeping it clean.

I don’t want the screen to incur any damage from hot glue splattering on it.


This is why you never buy a used Vita. Shine one of those UV lights on one and you are bound to find traces of man juice on it.



Those are some expensive anime titties


Reading “peach skin case” made my skin actually crawl.


@Kurokun I appreciate the info, but I’ve never played GE or any Monster Hunter style game I only plan on buying either GE: R or GE 2 and was just curious which is the better game. With Monster Hunter Generations I can safely assume it will probably be an upgraded MH4, but with GE: R being a remake of the original that came out after the sequel it didn’t seem as clear to me whether it was better than GE 2 or not.


Why do you still exist?

The fuckin’ wifi in this place blows fuckin’ ass. I go out to the back yard, about 25 feet from the mode/router and I get no signal. I want my dope ass times in Dustforce on them leaderboards. Can you watch other peoples runs like you can on PC? I never even looked to see if that was possible as I never have an internet connection when I play it.