Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


I know it is ridiculous, but I do enjoy having a 32GB memory card. I have 29 games on my Vita now. I’m pretty sure I won’t even play most of them but it’s nice nonetheless.

I stared Dragon’s Crown the other night but only played through the first dungeon. Its time for my yearly play through of Symphony of the Night so I put that shit on there today.

Once I finish with Symphony of the Night I’m gonna play, and actually finish, Rayman Origins.


When will the Vita support MKV yet? Half of the Chinese cartoons on my backup drives are in MKV format; I would like it if they were in the 10-bit decoded format, but that’s just asking too much.


Uhhhhh…just use handbrake and change them to mp4 or whatevers.


So while playing Odin Sphere my PSV keeps saying low battery even though it’s full and says network turned off due to system being hot yet it doesn’t feel warm at all. Looked this up apparently it’s a common issue if letting battery drain completely and then charging back to full doesn’t work I have to jiggle the wire connecting the battery in the sytem.


Found my Vita BTW…cool.

Anyone get that Gundam Extreme Vs for the Vita?
Reading that it’s meh.

Still going to get God Eater day one.


Say goodbye to 10-bit decoding tho :wasted:


Then use Vegas. You some kinda computer noob? You must also be a Vita noob because most of us that own one know what you want won’t ever happen.


>thinks converting MKV’s to 10bit HEVC’s will solve the issue
>Thinks exporting anything in Sony Vegas will solve anything

I suppose you think converting your MP3’s to FLAC will make it magically sound better? Nevermind the fact that your alternative albums were recorded at a bitrate of 68kbps at 2000hz.

Man you are one retarded ass fa**ggot. You don’t even know what the fuck I’m talking about. The Vita doesn’t even support 10bit HEVC’s, you fucking stupid rand. That’s why I was chastising the Vita earlier; it claims to be a better multi-media device than the 3DS, but only supports one video format.

Get the fuck outta here with your unknowledgeable ass. Old retarded cumskin spic think’s he is smart because he assembled a PC back in 2010. The nigga who said “I knew what 4GB’s of VRAM was before any of you knew what it was despite the fact that I have an outdated HD 5870.”

The nigga who wasted so much money on Steam games that his wife left him. The nigga who uploads shitty MW2 videos to Youtube; surprised your PC hasn’t even been hacked with all of the Dagestani users who hijacked the matchmaking servers.

Hope you threaten to shoot someone here again, catching a perm the next time you slip up. We don’t need your dumb shitposting ass here.


This nigga upset because my outdated pc still owns his, I know how to edit video, and he pays full price for games.

Now, to be on topic, I converted all my seasons of It’s Always Sunny and Curb Your Enthusiasm so I could put them on my Vita. Sure, they’re only mp4 but, unlike this angry mofo above me, I know what the Vita can and can’t do…and accept it.

Also, my games as of now.

I really dont need all those games on there but its pretty awesome to have them. I have like 30 more I could put on there but, alas, I dont have the capacity to do so. Its great too…I never paid full price for any of my games. Im a thrifty shopper and ps+ kinda kicks ass.


Says that despite the fact that he complained about having to build a new rig last week^

How does it feel to have sub-standard parts from 2010? I’m already on the RX 480 life :coffee: feels good :coffee: Waiting for that Zen architecture tho :coffee:

Stupid ass ngrfgt above me (his alias is drizzt360 or drizzt519) doesn’t comprehend the differences between 10bit color depth vs sub-standard for movies. Cannot say I’m surprised you’re retarded. After all, your last name kind of sounds like Lucy. :lame:


I aint tryin’ to argue with you dog. Accept the fact that you wont get what you want on the vita. Learn how to edit video. Get some fuckin’ money so you can buy the games you want. Sure I may not be able to buy a PC right now because im poor. Im poor because im saving to move out of the place im living (I dont want to live with roommates forever) and I want a new car more than a new PC.


how does it feel to live in mommys basement?


Picking up a friends Vita, accessories and games he has for $80 on Saturday. It’ll be good to have a portable psone again.


Don’t you sleep in the same bed with your mother? :wtf:




got my new…used? vita today.
vita and a 16gb mem card for 80 isn’t too shabby.

just redownloading stuff at the moment. feels good to have a portable psone again.

I have about 5gb left in my memory card.
I’ve downloaded this so far.


Blackrock shooter
Breath of fire iv
Crimson gem saga
Final fantasy III (PSP)
Final Fantasy IV Complete
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Lunar Silverstar Harmony
Mega Man 8
Mega Man Legends
Mega Man Legends 2
Mega Man X 4
Mystic Chronicles
Strider 2
Vanguard Bandits

Trying to think of what else to put on. My purchase history is too long to list everything i have because there are digital psp games i bought, psone games, and cross buys. just too much shit.


This is probably how you resuscitate a scene: HENKaku – Native Homebrew announced for PS Vita 3.60, release tomorrow

by wololo · July 28, 2016

Update: Wow, I’m completely out of my game today, and didn’t even realize The Zett had published an article about this exact same announce before me. You can check his article here, and hopefully this editorial mistake shows you how big of a deal this announce is.

YifanLU announced a few hours ago the upcoming release of HENKaku, a Homebrew enabler for the PS Vita, running on the latest firmware 3.60. HENKaku will be released tomorrow. It was developed by team molecule, comprised of scene veterans Davee, Proxima, xyz, and Yifanlu himself. People who also helped beta testing the project are well known names of the PSP/Vita scene.

This is, by far, the biggest announcement for the PS Vita scene since the PS Vita launched in 2011. So, um, yeah, that’s big news. And yes, I’m a good half a day late on the announce here, I’ll blame life and my IRL work (as a matter of fact I’m typing this between two meetings…)

This is different from your typical VHBL/TN-V/ARK exploit: those run within the PSP emulator of the PS Vita. HENKaku will leverage the full power of the PS Vita. This will also be much, much easier to use and run than Rejuvenate. Rejuvenate was formerly the only known native hack on the PS Vita, and required the console to be connected to a PC in order to run homebrews. Let’s just say it was not user friendly, and Rejuvenate will practically be deprecated as soon as HENKaku is out.

Bottom line, this is native homebrew, will work on PS Vita 3.60 (latest firmware at the time of this writing), and is pretty much the biggest announced released for the Vita scene so far.

HENKaku will be released in a few hours at In the meantime, Yifanlu recommends that you update your Vita to firmware 3.60 if you want to get the hack (keep in mind that by doing so you will lose other hacks such as Rejuvenate – which HENKaku will replace anyway -, mail “tricks”, and currently known ePSP hacks). He also advises to not update to future firmwares, as Sony will undoubtedly patch this.

HENKaku will be compatible with existing Rejuvenate homebrews. This includes for example this list of emulators. Also, Vitadoom.

For those who are interested, “Henkaku” means “change” or “revolution” in Japanese. Seeing a pattern in the naming here?


already bored of my vita. :lol:



PS Vita
GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst - $39.99 / 3.5 GB