Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


To add to this, the physical version of the vita game does not come with Resurrection.

Also the game runs at 60FPS unlike the ps4 version which runs at 30fps due to cross play. (Womp womp)


Vita has been fully hacked and game dumps are popping up left and right.
Check out Henkaku tutorials on how to get started.

Look for Vitamin to create backups of your own games

Anyone who wants a list of fully confirmed compatible games, PM me. And remember, only download games that you already legally own. Piracy is bad y’all. Also a bit of a warning, this software is all still very early in development, so be sure to follow every step and research something before you install it onto your system.

That said Senran Kagura Estival Versus works flawlessly


Currently on 3.60…somebody let me know when we can run a psp emu on this one. I miss Shin Budokai 2.


Gotta do more research into this, didn’t realize my vita was set to auto download, & I’ve found one link online showing how to downgrade a vita.

Gonna go ahead and get a precry ready if I’m stuck at 3.61





Read somewhere that the vitamin thing can cause permanent damage to your OLED screen (ps vita 1k’s obviously).


What kind of damage? My last Vita got nasty burn in do to me using the web browser on it. The side bar on the right of the screen was burned into the screen permanently.


So where do I need to go to make my vita great again?

Someone pm me the goods.


Might be time to get a Vita.


For everyone that wants to mess around with the Vita now that it got hacked, please remember it only works on Firmware 3.60. If you are on a lower firmware make sure that you never use Sony’s automated update system, as it will update your PS Vita to the latest official firmware, which is not compatible with henkaku. Just google how to manually update to 3.60 and you will find that very easily.

If you really went up to firmware 3.61, then you are basically fucked in terms getting into the homebrew scene. There is no downgrade. Like whatsoever. If you find one out there its bullshit. You have to buy a new Vita if want a lower firmware. Brand new too since 3.61 has only been out a month and is not going to be on a still boxed Vita thats been sitting on the shelf for months. Getting a used Vita is more likely to just be already updated to the latest FW so you will have to ascertain what firmware its on before you actually buy it used. See the link below on how find a new vita on a firmware.

The whole purpose of Henkaku was to finally come out with a definitive exploit that used the latest firmware so everyone would be able to jump on from the older version. This is because every time anyone comes up with some sort of hack Sony rolls out a new update solely to patch it out. This caused a splintering in the hacking community where if you wanted to use some exploit, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops and buy some game that triggered the hack that would only be up for a short while on PSN cause Sony would take it down when they got wind of the exploit. And thats if you even cared about that particular hack.

With Henkaku, they basically found out how the Vita’s security works. Something that took five years to do. Now the entire hacking community is on the same page as all the old hacks and exploits can just run on the Vita itself through Henkaku. No having buy some game while being on a certain firmware, no more hoops to jump through. Thats why new homebrew has been rolling out like crazy in the last six weeks. In later firmwares now that Henkaku is out, Sony may just update the Vita’s security and make it a lot harder to hack from that point onward. Overcoming that just to run Henkaku or its equivalent on a firmware past 3.60 could take months or even years to do. Something hackers arent going to want to bother with since it just puts them back on the same boat as the times before Henkaku came out.


Ive hacked my Vita 3 or 4 times. In the end I always end up updating it to the latest official firmware as I want to play my games online. I have fun with the hacks for a few weeks to a month but then I just get the itch to play with other people. I would probably do the same thing with this hack so I’m not so upset about updating to 3.61 as I was when this first released.

I’m sure they’ll figure out some way to hack a Vita that is on 3.61. It might take a long time (maybe a very long time) but someone will figure it out. I’m eagerly awaiting the day an add-on is available that increases the volume like the one I had on my PSP. The Vita just doesn’t go loud enough for me.


I wait on hacking my Vita once it becomes less of a hassle to do so. With the price of its memory cards I’m not going full digital with it anytime soon.


Just fyi, buying a used Vita from a pawn shop should be safe since they have to hold them typically for 2 to 3 months. Just ask to test it out before you buy.


Has anyone here played Bastion on the Vita? I want to get it but I’m not sure if it runs smoothly on Vita.


They were expensive


I’m mad that EU got physical copies of X-2 on the Vita.


it’s the asian english versions. not the japanese version and not the chinese versions either , but simply just “asian” that is all in english and completely regionfree.


I was wondering why you got those instead of the US version, but I didn’t realize X-2 came as a download voucher while X was on the Vita cart. I hated X-2 but that is cool as hell, the artwork is slick. :tup:

I beat Muramasa and got an extra ending or two. Now I’m playing NFS: Most Wanted and just the fact this game is portable is blowing my mind. I finished the main game last night and got all of the “Most Wanted” cars. Now I’m just messing around getting trophies and the like before I shelve the game for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath or something else. :tup:


If the Vita’s screen is 960 x 544 and HD “starts” at 1280 x 720, does it still count as an HD remaster?
I guess the actual remastering was done at HD resolutions, then scaled down. But still…seems kind of off.

Only like another week until Valkyrie Drive.