Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


Runs fine, but a little bit to tiny for my tastes. Understand it’s on a smaller screen, but it looks like they shrunk it. Stick to playing the PS4 version.

Been playing a shitload of Strangers Wrath, still in my top 5.

Job I work for is going out of business & has a used vita 1000 that the previous owner left a 8gb stick in for like $60. About to be in Henkaku heaven.

God Eater is poo.

Still pissed Hyper Light Drfter got cancelled.


Just took two on my PSPs to a shop to get fixed. Will be nice to have the modded PSP back.


Play this if you get the chance


They just made a Japan only game for Vita called Uppers. If it’s anything like Badass Rumble I might have to import.


That came out in july right?

Pretty sure videos were posted for it since last year.

We already know @million gives it his seal of approval


Runs at 60 FPS most of the time, but as 2-D said the size of the kid is noticably smaller, for me it isn’t an issue the strength of the art of the kid and everything else still shines through and looks especially beautiful on the OLED screen. Load times are a bit longer than you’d expect, but nothing crazy.

@2-D Are you pissed in general or at the developer? 9/10 times I’d shit on the developer for promising something he/she couldn’t deliver on cough Inafune, but in this case the creator straight up said he was having health issues he needed to address first (inspiration for the game stemmed from his heart disease) and that they couldn’t make it work on PSV as well as they initially thought so I don’t have any animosity toward the dev, but yeah I’m pissed too I was probably the most hyped person on Earth for HLD on the go. He could have tweeted it or hell just not said shit like most developers, but he at least had the decency to get in front of a camera and say it to our faces that it’s canceled.

Tiny chance PSV port might still happen, please tweet at heart machine and ask for the port.


I was more pissed when the article I read stated the devs couldn’t get the engine to work properly on a Vita. Game like that won’t work on vita? If he had health issues I can understand that, but I was really clamoring to have that game portable.


I think its disappointing that the game was canceled for Vita. I’m not mad though…shit happens. I will admit, I was really looking forward to that on a handheld.

People been posted videos of Uppers a long ass time ago. Shit was pretty, I guess, but it looked boring as fuck. The bad guys just stood around getting beat.

Edit - I think I’ll just go ahead and get Bastion on the Vita. I like that game and want to play through it again. I tried to play Hotline Miami today but that shit just kept crashing on me. I played Sine Mora instead.


Google qHD. A lot of small screen HD displays have been qHD. Pixel density blah blah


Article? You didn’t watch the actual video? Pretty much after seeing evidence that a build could be worked out in 2013 they later found out getting it to run properly would require a downgrade AKA rebuilding the entire game from scratch specifically for PSV in mind with a different game engine even with an outside studio helping so instead he’d rather focus on updates for the current ports.

Hopefully something comes from that tweet and that team or some other port house can take care of the job.


See, that’s the one problem I see with the “Uppers” game…it’s like the bad guys aren’t even trying. They’re basically a series of combo-training dummies.

I have Bastion on Vita, and it was worth the purchase, imo… it’s tough to find time for it though since I’ve always been addicted to Dragon’s Crown and Soul Sacrifice Delta… then I got into Freedom Wars some months ago and now Senran Kagura… then I also have Muramasa and plan to get God Eater 2 soon, so Bastion will continue having a LOT to compete with when it comes to my portable gaming time.


I ran through Muramasa in a couple of days. Whenever I had free time, I was playing that game. I rarely do this with games anymore, it takes a lot.

I wish the game had more mobility and combo options and I really wish it handled backtracking better, but other than that it’s awesome. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are great(compared to Dragon’s Crown and Odin Sphere I actually think it looks better, I dig the artstyle more but that’s because of the ninja theme mainly, I found the NPC’s and enemies looked amazing for the most part.) I even got an extra ending or two after I beat it. :tup:


I deleted/uninstalled Hotline Miami and downloaded it again. It hasnt crashed on me yet. Game is dope. The music is dope. Is part 2 on the Vita as well?

Ive been playing a lot of games on the Vita. I play Dragon’s Crown here and there, same with Borderlands 2. Ive been playing Lone Survivor for 30 minutes to an hour each night. Kinda hooked on Spelunky. I usually play at least a match or two (Warzone) in Killzone Mercenary every day. Started Hotline Miami and Sine Mora yesterday. Now I just need to actually play through all of them. It will probably take me a very long time.

I was wondering if any of you guys have hacked your Vita? Is using Henkaku…user friendly? Is it simple to use and such or is it complicated and slow?

P.S. I have Muramasa and have tried it twice but just could not get into it. I’ll give it another go sometime.


Yeah the backtracking in Muramasa is pretty horrible and arguably the worst part of a good game. Wish they would have revamped the combat like they did for Odin Sphere.


Hotline Miami played it for the first time on PC in 2013 was the game responsible for my love of quality indie games, definitely an eye opener because before that point I didn’t pay nearly as much attention specificaly to poor ass indies although I did spend a lot of time on smaller releases like Castle Crashers.

Hotline Miami 2 on the go is the reason I bought a PSV in the first place and I couldn’t be happier with one of the best things I ever owned. Hotline Miami 1 and 2 easily on my GOAT list, maybe Bastion too, but those games probably beat out by Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, that game shits on Vanillaware’s other stuff which are GDLK too. OS combat is just perfect, no other way to define it I’m curious to see how 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim can top it.



aha, apparently there’s a PSN flash sale going on!/en-us/flash-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-FLASHSALEPSVGAM

*J-Stars Victory Vs. is in there for 10 bucks… it’s tempting me at that price (also, it only needs 1.6 gigs of space and I have that covered…)


Darius Burst Chronicle Saviors, Arland Atelier trilogy, and Sword Art Online: Lost Song are veeery tempting. I’d get One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 if it didn’t run like shit on everything but the PS4 and PC.


That truth stings a bit…


Having bought my PSV specifically for Hotline Miami 2 last year I knew exactly what I was getting: an indie machine and I couldn’t be happier love my PSV more than my N3DS despite my favorite game of all time being a 3DS exclusive lol, I’m disappointed with all the JRPGs since I think JRPGs suck, but there are dozens of great games for the PSV to keep me entertained forever so I’m not complaining about how it turned out.


All it needed was a good Monster Hunter. We can’t even get that subscription-only MH…ain’t that a bitch.