Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


didnt help the vita had a shitty launch via partnering with at&t.


I wonder how many suckers bought that POS Vita that had 3G or whatever? Couldn’t you ,like, not do anything with that shit other than look at leaderboards and Near?


“The Vita is a good machine that came out too late” does not make any fucking sense, Jack. The logic that people moved on to mobile experiences that are not dedicated gaming platforms is bunk when you look at the competition and see that the 3DS did fucking gangbusters and outsold Nintendo’s home console platform by a massive margin, almost 6 to 1.

The Vita failed because Sony pushed it out the door with very minimal first party support and expected 3rd party to populate the platform like they did with the PSP, but with no backing from the first party to show strength in their brand, 3rd parties were weary to make games for the device, and then the Vita for the first couple years of its existence did not have meaningful titles to warrant the purchase, and so no one bought the Vita and Sony took that as a sign that no one wanted a handheld, WHICH WAS THE WRONG READ OF THAT SITUATION, and stopped support entirely, leaving the future of the Vita in the hands of 3rd parties and indies, who had basically already dropped the thing. It was a self fulfilling prophecy that Sony could have prevented, but the Vita didn’t have immediate success so they cut all ties. Had Sony really stepped up and thrown money into the Vita like they should have, other developers probably would have seen the device as something that was going to be around for a while, but Sony abandoning the Vita let everyone know that it wasn’t sticking around.


Sony said “fuck it, we need to make sure the ps4 gets all the good stuff, Vita is expendable”…now they want to pretend they had nothing to do with it. Assholes. Still, Vita is where I go when I want to play fighters on the road.


The depressing thing is how it could’ve been so much better …like if Vita was successful, I could most likely play a portable version of Diablo 3 right now, along with portable Bayonetta, Prototype, Kingdoms of Amalur, Dragon’s Dogma, etc. They didn’t even bother porting an “Infamous” to it if I recall. (*<–with those things it would absolutely be the greatest portable ever produced, without question.)…all my favorites from last gen. Companies wouldn’t even bother making ports since its future was already looking bleak years ago.

It’s like they forgot that there must be some kind of significant initial investment in a thing for it to really hit big. Advertise that shit and throw a few good ports on there at the start and there ya go… more people would’ve bought it, which causes more companies to do games for it when they see it’s the hot new thing of the moment, which feeds into more sales, more games, more sales, etc. Sheeeeit, if I was running the show— I’d have Vita come out of the gate on fire with the new portable versions of Ridge Racer, Infamous, maybe a Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank…and perhaps a new Battle Arena Toshinden, along with the backwards compatibility for anything PSP that could be bought in digital form (*including Phantasy Star Portable, despite whatever the FUCK that piece of shit company had planned…fuckers actually removed it from the PSN store at the time so you could NOT even purchase it legitimately anymore…just one of the many reasons they are forever on my bad side, man…they can kindly go fuck off forever as far as I’m concerned, but that’s a rant for another day)

*haha that was funny back at that E3 or whatever event it was where Vita was first shown—and they revealed that AT&T would be partnered with them for the 3G version… and INSTANTLY you hear the crowd’s “BOOOOOOOO!”, because AT&T’s general image and reputation is indeed that bad. :lol:


Vita failed because of the lack of support almost immediately after its release.

PS3 wasn’t doing too well the first 2 years in, but then Sony started to advertise the hell out of it and they begun tossing money to their 1st and 2nd party studios left and right to develop games for the system. On top of that the third-party support was in full-force too.

I own over 40 titles for the Vita and plan to get more if I can ever come across them. I enjoy the hell out of the system - if any of you guys have been gaming on portables since the original Gameboy you guys know how much of a crazy leap the Vita is compared to all handhelds before it. I got a N3DS earlier in the month and it just feels like a PSP with the features of a DS. The graphics and the screen resolution are terrible, when I went back to the Vita after playing the N3DS for a few weeks my mind was blown yet again. :rofl:

I like the Vita a lot more than the 3DS and it’s a shame Sony dropped support so early on. I even think the Vita has a better library than the 3DS - at least when it comes to games I like to play. I find it incredibly hard to find games I’d want to play on the N3DS that aren’t made by Nintendo, whereas with the original DS there was an insane amount of games I wanted to play outside of first-party titles. PSP was like this too. I still buy games for both of those systems. :tup:


yeah, the difference in power is crazy… to me it’s like watching a portable equivalent of N64 vs. an Xbox 360/PS3…tough to go back to those butt ugly visuals when things on Vita look so gorgeous…like it’s not even close.

Senran Kagura, ,man… this game just gets even wilder… some girls actually get stripped fully naked, but shiny spots (like a lens flare) covers stuff like nipples, pussy and booty-hole. :lol: The girls will show up like this in the little cinemas too…titties just hangin’ out with the shiny spots over the nips…haha nice :clap:


Question, hacking the psp was relatively easy, but everything I’ve seen with the vita seems like its a bit more difficult.

Having to change this file type or moving this file here so it reads a file there. Am I looking at the wrong thing or is it just as easy as the psp was?


Its more difficult to hack the Vita than it is a PSP. I’m not on the right firmware so I cant hack mine. From what I understand the latest hack lets you play ps1 (with sound), psp, and vita backups as well as homebrew/emulators and such. You also do not need to buy a game to be able to gain access to the hack. I’m sure its not as simple as just putting the CFW on the thing and then dumping whatever you want onto it like you can with a PSP. I’m sure you have to rename files, move them around using an FTP or some shit and some shit may still not work.

The latest hack for firmware 3.60 is still relatively new and is still being tweaked and such. I’m sure over time it will get easier to use. Check out


I need HALP !

Anyone who can HALP i will be da most grateful.

Got home today with a package containing a new DS4 that i’m planning to use with the Vita TV.
As i sold my old PS4 i do not have any old controllers or cables lying around , so i knew i was gonna have to buy
some usb cable too so that the DS4 would connect with the vita TV.

Got home and powered it up but i am stuck at the “connect usb cable and press home button” on the ps TV.
The controller is charging from what i can tell but when i hold the ps button it blinks forawhile and then nothing happens.

facking sacks


The last time I bought a new DS4 it had absolutely no charge and would not do anything until I had left it charging for about 30 minutes. I thought it was DOA, but it just had zero charge, thankfully.

It’s worth considering also that some USB cables are manufactured for charging only and do not support data transfer, so that could be your issue.


That must be it. This cable i bought is double-headed and i’m assuming it’s gonna charge 2 DS4’s for you at the same time but will lack the data transfer thing.
Gonna go buy a standard micro usb cable before i go to work tomorrow and hopefully that will do the trick.


cheh, so I started playing Borderlands 2 again on Vita (since I got the bigger memory card recently)…I have a Krieg that is level 12 or 13 so far… I might start a Zer0 next; I haven’t played that character in a long time (*on console I’ve been playing Pre-Sequel lately) This franchise is still one of my favorite shooter franchises of all time— it is the perfect “marriage” of shooter action + RPG stuff.

… it’s a real shame this doesn’t run better… it still manages to be fun though. I think they possibly could’ve gotten it to run better if they cut out certain things, perhaps…? For example— the cool “traveling thru hyperspace” looking graphical effect when you’re being reconstructed after a death…or the animations on the fast-travel stations… the 3d visual on the skill-tree screen…(*I would’ve been fine if they just showed a flat image of the skill-trees; nothing fancy)…various little effects like that; I wonder if Vita could handle the game better if they just cut out certain effects and scenes like that.


I just gave up on Borderlands 2, those fucking hacks at gearbox never fixed the crashes, just left that shit broke.


But they could patch the wonderful glitches asap. No but seriously how many times can you beat the same game?


I’m way over 10 playthroughs in Ninja Gaiden 2 / Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Easily. With chapter challenge god knows how many times I’ve ran through it. 360 version, PS3 and Vita.

I’ve beaten SOTN over 10+ times over the years as well. PSP version in Dracula X Chronicles with the weird changes and shitty VA changes, original PS1 version, emulated Saturn version, digital PSN version on PS3 and PSP, etc. etc.

I’ve ran through Wolfenstein: The New Order at least 3 or 4 times too. Once on PC, once on PS3 and once on PS4.

Iron Galaxy developed that port. They also did the port for PS4 which was dogshit until they patched it.

Your hate should be directed at them, though Gearbox is deserving of all the hate in the world after what they did with Duke. :sad:


Got a new cable and the ds4 synced with the Ps tv. Was overjoyed cuz now i know it was neither the console or dualshock 4 at fault.

When i get home i have a usb-stick ready with the 3.60 update.
Pretty much set to make this lil beauty the all in 1 machine of the ages.


heh, I forgot that I had Dead Nation on my other Vita… (*note–it is free if you bought the PS3 version) This game is noticeably more difficult on Vita, simply because of the smaller screen…so the enemies can more easily sneak up on you out of nowhere, since it is tough to notice them in certain situations. This is a game where 1 screw up can mean the end of a good run, or it will at least destroy your multiplier which of course kills your chances of a decent high score. This game gets crazy even on the “normal” difficulty setting. I hit one area in Arcade where progress became just impossible since I was out of flares. (*one of those “Clear the Area!” zones where tons of fast enemies + boss types rush you from every possible direction. I think this is actually impossible to beat if you don’t have flares or other distraction-type items.)

Still, it is so good to have a game like that in portable form… I was playing this in the car yesterday while waiting on someone at a restaurant…pouring down rain outside, yet I’m out there in the car playing one of my favorite PSN-downloadable games. (*of the downloadable “Live Arcade” equivalent games from PSN, Dead Nation was the best, imo.) See, portable games are the shit for that simple reason— a good game can be enjoyed literally anywhere, as long as the system is charged up.


Bought a couple Vita games off a dude on Craigslist yesterday, and am about to buy some more from him right now. He knows UMvC3 for the Vita is rare though, and is refusing to sell me it until later when he can figure out a price. :mad:

Hopefully he sells me it later anyway and doesn’t want an arm and leg for it. If I can snag it I’d be happy as hell, there aren’t that many more Vita games I’m looking for. She’s one of the last ones. :tup:


Tried a game that i’ve heard some whitelisters has had problems with. Danganronpa AE udg ! Works like a charm !
The psx emulator is set up aswell and runs the games i’ve tried just fine.