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Yomawari: Night Alone - Countdown to Nightmares (PS Vita)


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Tried a game that i’ve heard some whitelisters has had problems with. Danganronpa AE udg ! Works like a charm !
The psx emulator is set up aswell and runs the games i’ve tried just fine.


Was it easy setting everything up hackwise?



Yup! All you need is :

  • a vita tv below firmware 3.60 (if you buy one new chances are that it will be on firmware 3.20)
  • a usb memory stick (which i will assume just about everyone has lying somewhere @ home)
  • and official firmware 3.60 which you will download and put on the usb stick which u will later install on the ps tv by putting it in safemode

it’s a really simple procedure. if you are gonna go for it and you do get stuck somewhere you can just ask me on here
or go to wololo and read all the faqs they have there.


Can you run emulator/games through usb stick or does it have to be on a vita mem card?


The usb stick isn’t for transferring games/emus and things of that sort. you only need it to put the correct firmware on the ps tv.
once you are running henkaku the molecule app/vita shell app has a ftp client which enables you to connect from your pc to the memorycard
and that’s how you start putting in games and .vpk’s

edit : yes it has to be on the memorycard


Finally looked like I gotta everything modded on the pstv. So I tried to put Persona 4 Golden on it & Killzone as a test run.

Will no longer read Killzone & anytime Persona pops up it says MORPHINE and doesn’t boot up lol.

Wheres my psp lol


Morphine is an oddly appropriate error message for Persona 4 Golden.


Gun Gun Pixies - teaser trailer


Got the pstv up and running, & my roommate being the pervert she is, finds some uncensored version of Senran Kagura called the “Nipples Exist” edition.

She has not moved from the living room in 2 hours…


A Rose in the Twilight (Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight) - announcement trailer (PS Vita)



FYI both Volgarr the Viking:

and Slain: Back From Hell:

Are now on PSN, just look under new releases or search by name. Haven’t played Slain, but Volgarr is one of the most well designed platformers ever made and is hard as fuck with a Ghouls and Ghosts fixed jump arc, but you can change direction with a double jump.


So, we get re-skinned Rastan and Castlevania. Hunh.


Ys Origin PS4 / PS Vita - Teaser Trailer PSX 2016


Fallen Legion - PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer | PS4 and PS Vita


So yeah…I’m all about Windjammers for the Vita.


Gun Gun Pixies - PV




damn sold my ps3 so now I can’t use the dualshock to play pspgo on a television