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Drive Girls - Official Announcement Trailer


VA-11 HALL-A ● NA Release Trailer ● November 14th ● PS Vita


I wanted to remove some people from my friends list on my Vita but I had to update it. I thought I was gonna lose all my homebrew stuffs after updating but I didnt. Hype. Im still stuck on playing Salt and Sanctuary on it. That game is too fun.


2064: Read Only Memories PS Vita Launch Trailer


Hows the Vita SNES Emu?

The PSP version was lack luster.


It works great. The only one I’m having trouble with is the neogeo emulator.


Finally pulled the trigger on a Vita. I wanted a means of playing Samurai Shodown 5 Special officially other than just Fightcade and Xzone, and it’s a great port. If your connection is good enough, you can even connect with Japanesers who play, although the connections can be tough. Ended up getting Slain! as well but also have my eye on Muramasa and Silent Hill Book Of Memories.

I actually wound up finding a custom God Eater Vita (it was the last one they had) which is cool. Only thing is, it was updated all the way to 3.67 so I won’t be hacking it, but then again, at this point, it seems like there are less advantages to hacking a Vita than to keeping it stock, and this is coming from someone who was heavy into the PSP hacking scene.


Nice, I didn’t even know there was a God Eater Vita. JP got all of the slick 2K model vitas while we got the standard black one and the Gamestop/EB exclusive blue one.

Muramasa was pretty good. My favorite of the three Vanillaware games on the Vita is Odin Sphere by far. If you like action RPG’s, definitely get the two Ys games. I’m playing through Ys: Memories of Celceta right now and it’s amazing.


I’m eh on RPGs. It depends on the game I guess. I was looking into Odin Sphere but balked after I saw what they were charging for it, considering I have the one on PS2 but never finished it because it got kind of boring. I might still grab it at some point when the price goes down though.

As for the God Eater thing, it has a different backplate, but all I know is it was $20 cheaper than I’d seen standard slims at other places.


Odin sphere for the vita is 12.50 right now on psn


Oh shit! I’m there!


15.99 my bad. I was looking at the game next to it. Still not bad


i’d recommend getting a physical copy instead as vita games almost always retain good second hand value, and if we are gonna be real specific…Odin sphere
is a ATLUS game, and ATLUS don’t PRINT ENOUGH GAMES so they become more and more pricy as time goes by.


I recommend getting physical games for the Vita for the simple fact that memory cards are expensive for the small storage they provide.


No one really sells vita games anymore though so good luck trying to find them.


Fuck you talkin about


That’s another reason why physical is the way to go. 99% of the Vita games I have I can re-sell for more than I what I bought them for. Games you wouldn’t think would be rare or kind of expensive are on the Vita because a huge majority of the games released got low print runs just like with the majority of the Wii U’s releases.

Fucking God of War collection goes for 30-40 bones. Every other GoW game ever released is like 5-10 bucks max. :lol:


The Korean owned local game stores around here still have plenty of Vita games in stock. It’s where I go for Vita games. Amazon still sells them too.


@drizzt360 that hack is a hassle when compared to henkaku (which is what you want to be running & which requires fw 3.60) also i’m pretty sure there are alot of “apps” outside a few emulators which also requires henkaku.


That hack Drizzt has is pretty easy actually.