Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


I wound up buying it anyway. I played through the demo and dug it so I thought, meh why not.

As for the games, I’m ok with digital copies as I’ve already got a ton of physical games for other systems sitting around my apartment. I doubt I’ll be buying a ton of games for this thing anyway and I have a 16gb stick already so if I need to start buying physicals when that runs out I can. I’ve seen vita games at game stops and such though. They’re still out there.


Details, please. I need that.


How, Sway? Tell me how!


All the info I’ve seen for henkaku says 3.60. Either way, I don’t see a point in hacking this when I have a bunch of emulators on my phone and a CFW PSP. Other than being able to pirate vita games, I don’t see many advantages to hacking it for me personally.


Yet you said you couldn’t hack it and I’m showing you that you can. No, you cant play PSV back ups but that’s OK.

Edit - These are the bookmarks I saved when I was on 3.65. I haven’t tried to install a new bubble, I’ve just tested a few of mine. I’ll create one and post if it works.

Edit - I was able to create an Atari2600 Bubble. It works fine.


As far as I was aware, if you weren’t on 3.60, you couldn’t hack. Does this method allow you to play PSP games?

Edit: I’m on 3.67 so I’m guessing these won’t work.


I’ll answer this for you.

The psp/ps1 emulator is called “Adrenaline” and it requires Henkaku which requires 3.60

“Adrenaline” is not compatible with the hack drizzt is using. Same goes with other really useful applications like “Vitamin” which lets you make backups of your games directly to the memory card.

In short : Henkaku is the only hack that is worth it, and there is no reason to hack your vita if you are above 3.63 (especially not if you own a psp with cfw)


Well the reason would be to have all your emulators and vita/psp/ps1 games all in one place. Its extremely simple so why not do it?


PSP with custom firmware only can do so much. Snes, Neo Geo, N64, and a few others run too slow on the psp. The Vita got better hardware specs than the PS3.


Yea SNES on my PSP is really disappointing. On my Vita it runs great tho.


I got the Vita to play Vita games. If I want to play emulation stuff I have other ways of doing it so for me personally, if emulation is the main reason to do it, that isn’t enough for me. I was around for the heyday of PSP hacking and that was an awesome time to own a PSP, but the vita scene isn’t that vibrant because to a lot of devs, it’s not worth putting the time into hacking a system that’s in the twilight of it’s life when systems like the Switch are around. Its unfortunate that it took so long to hack it because this far it’s an awesome system; every bit as worthy successor to the PSP. Not saying anyone is wrong for hacking it, I’m just saying, it’s not that exciting or worth it to me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Systems at the end of their life is Prime for hacking.
You don’t run into as much legal issues and the people behind the scene got a pretty decent understanding of whats going on.

With the Switch, we have to worry about Nintendo making forced updates that breaks hacks.


Nice piece of plastic


I wish you could plug a controller into the Vita natively. I just got a hitbox and it’d be nice to be able to the it to play SamSho5 Special



Late to the party but I finally acquired a PS Vita hacked with HENkaku
With RetroArch installed it smokes a CFW PSP 1000 in terms of being a portable emu device


Good Times


I ended up hacking my vita after all. It’s definitely great as an emulation device although I can’t seem to download anything with the Vita Homebrew Browser for some reason. It’ll start the download then continually just time out.


You really dont even need to hack it to put emulators on it. You can just put emulator bubbles on it using any psp game you want and a couple tools. Ive been on FW 3.68 and put emulators on it before this new hack was released.

Ive been messing with h-encore but its pretty confusing for me. I was able to get two Vita backups running on it and one plug-in. I cant seem to get any other backups to work and cant figure out how to get psp backups on it. I read how and it seems it should be simple, just drop the .iso in a specific folder. But the games never show up.


Sounds redundant but I use a PSP Emulator on my Hacked PSVita