Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


I do as well. I cant figure out how to get PSP backups to work without it so I put Adrenaline on my Vita. I figured out how to get multiple types of Vita backups to run though.

Now Im just having trouble figuring out how to get plug-ins to work. I got one to work, RegistryEditor, and I use it to stop the screen from auto-dimming after 10 seconds of not touching a button. I cant get any others to work though. I tried to use Vita Plug-In Manager. It launches but im not sure where to put the plugin file(s) at.


Been trying to get backups to run on the Vita but I can’t get it to connect to my PC. It doesn’t pick up on USB or wifi. No matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall QCMA with different drivers I can’t get it to connect. The different solutions like plugging it into USB 2 and using Zadig hasn’t worked for it. I’m not sure what else to do


You have it in airplane mode?


Does CMA work? You have to register your vita with that first then use QCMA. And, yeah, make sure its not in Airplane Mode.


CMA only works when it’s connected on Wifi. It’s not on airplane mode.


I got the fucking thing working on my cousin’s laptop. Has anyone gotten a banned from using Henkaku? I didn’t realized I was logged into my account when I was testing some backups and got a trophy.


No not that I am aware of.


That’s a shame…I might as well mod mine.


Production for the vita should have ended when Sony stopped supporting it by no longer putting first party titles on it back in like 2014, I think it was. The only things that have came out on the vita are bad Indy games, extremely niche and obscure rpgs and visual novels.

Sure they’re good for hacking I guess? But if you have to hack a system in order for it to be usable it must not be that good of a system in general.

I loved my ps vita when I had one but all I played on it was psx games and that novelty ran out pretty quick.