Official PSVita/PSP chat thread


Yea the Vitas firmwares are getting hacked pretty fast. I think the Vita is going to be PSP status pretty soon.

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I hope so. Between hacking, remote play, and the Vita’s native stuff, it’s an awesome time to own one.

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It makes me wish I had brought a Vita TV when they were $20. It would come in handy right now.



Did they really stop making Vitas as of January this year?

If they did then yeah, it will in psp type territory soon after. They’ll drop support soon enough if the damn thing has been discontinued.




Shame the Vita is out of production but I imagine this means the Vita Homebrew scene is going to kick up now.




I’m looking for a Vita PCH-1000 model. Trading a like new Mad Catz TE2 in the Trading Outlet.

That downgrading utility tool is going to come in handy.

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Tempting. Where are you located?

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I’m in Citrus Heights, CA. Just outside of Sacramento. I updated my Trading Outlet post with a pic.



Got my Vita today. Gotta figure out how to get it on OFW 3.65. Im happy to finally have one again doe. Shit, the Vita was what I played the most.



Download the proper update off github.



Got a link to that shit? I’ll just put it on 3.65 if I can



Not on hand, I’m at work. I’m sure Wololo can point you in the right direction.



Fucked around for a while.

Damn thing came with this soft case thing. Pretty nifty I guess.

Tomorrow I’ll get my games and homebrews and plugins on this mofo.

P.S. The charger that came with it doesn’t work. Good thing I kept the charger from my other Vita.



Been messing around the last couple days. Got all my goods on the Vita. I had a bit of trouble getting emulator bubbles on there as that PSVimgtool wasn’t working. Found one that worked and was able to put my emulators on there.

Anyhow, Im happy now. Got everything I need on this little handheld.



When you hack it, you really can play damn near anything! I had no idea how useful being able to play emulators and such was going to be but man am I glad I hacked now. I even found this Tetris The Grandmaster clone someone made for it.



Do you have/use the NPSBrowser? If you dont you should get it. You can get just about any game for Vita, PSP, PSX and even PS3, You can also get most DLC.

These are the emulators I have on mine now. I used that cloning thing to make multiple bubbles without having to download a number of PSP games or Demos.



I had some piracy browser I downloaded but I gave up on it because I couldn’t get the programming stuff working for it and I have a small handful of games i need to get thru alread. If i start pirating more stuff I’ll just end up with a bunch of games I downloaded but never played like I did for PSP.



Well, if you decide you want to use the NPSBrowser I can help you out with that. I have the proper URLs to put in it so you can access the database.

I do understand the “too many games” thing. But I dont give a shit anymore. I’ve downloaded a bunch on that browser but didn’t put them all on my Vita. But I have them on my PC, so when I do want to play any I’ll just fire up FileZilla and move them to the Vita.