*Official* Puzzle/Pocket Fighter thread

Since the interest in fighting games makes you too hardcore for Puzzle Fighter and Pocket Fighter, I’d like to take this thread space to express my disdain. Feel free to do like wise. Some legendary games just get shafted…

puzzle fighter…FOREVER!!

simply put, the universe would collapse on itself if puzzle fighter was any less awesome than it is. the wizards at capcom predicted this

But they still can’t elevate it to the widespread popularity of Street Fighter…

I actually thought these two games had better voicework than most, if not all, SF games.

I never really noticed the voicework while I played, but I remember most of the characters’ quotes in retrospect…

Try playing again, and you’ll notice they did a HECKUVA lot more work on the voices in these two games than most SF titles. Pocket Fighter was especially good.

Well, I know I never complained about it like I did in other SF games, so I must agree…

So,like, who were the best characters to use in Pocket Fighter? I always used the shotos, especially Ken. His huge-ass hammer was awesome!

Zangief was/is suppose to be extremely beastly on Pocket Fighter. If my memory serves me correctly. I’m pretty sure some peep will shine some light on Pocket Fighter. It’s funny though. I never ever seen a match for this game at all. Just combo videos, and exhibitions lol.

~nuff said

I use Chun-li and Ibuki, and Zangief was never really too hard to beat. I think the toughest is probably Tessa or Ryu…

i never played this game competitively, but if i remember correctly from prev discussions, top tier included akuma and hsien-ko. akuma because the throw coming from his pkpp flash combo was really fast, so if they tried to jump it, you could do pkpk instead and it would be unblockable. and hsien-ko supposedly had some type of trap; i was never told what it was, but i believe it involves you doing her super where she rains down spiked balls to trap them down, then simply do a guard break because they’ll have to take damage either way.

again, don’t know the tiers, but i can say this; i wouldn’t be surprised if the tiers were based off of ability to do damage on a blocking opponent. throws were REALLY weak in this game; they were like VF4/VF5 style in that they can’t grab through any attacks. includes special throws too i think. for instance, i was never able to really tick successfully with zangief into his super throw. so as long as you continued to attack, you could probably avoid all throws.

i did like chun-li though; her ppp had the rare ability of letting her recover before her opponent, enabling you to easily combo after it; ppp x2, or ppp, low punch into bike super.

Chun, Gief and Lei-Lei were top tier.

But every one has covered that.

Tessa was decent too. Pocket Fighter was a huge gimmick game. But a classic in my eyes.

I still play with friends everynow and again. Lei-Lei’s teleport mix-up game is too sick.

I like even though everyone knows it’s a gimmick, as you said, it still has great gameplay and advanced SF techniques…

Oh My God The Thread Ended Already!!!

I bet the Akuma seiyuu felt relieved to say more than just grunts. :lol:

I hate fighting Ibuki in Pocket Fighter (outgeeked everyone). I know CPU is supposed to adjust to how you play, but if you so much as feint a QCF requiring move, she jumps in with her penguin attack (Hien in SFIII) immediately (basically unblockable if you performed the QCF move). Gets me every time…

I use Lei-Lei.

Not only is she super cute in that game, but her mix up game (via teleports and air dash) is just tooooooo good.

My secondary character is Sakura. Umbrella SRK for the win.

Ibuki, Sakura, then Chun-li for me. Sakura mostly just to whore her Level 3 Hadouken…

Chun is too good.

Fuck that bitch.

ppp chain x’s 2 into cr.k xx hyoukosen?


I never use the orbs (mainly because the PSP CPS2 emulator doesn’t have a default Select button). Do you guys think it really affects what my skill level could be? I always saw them as a gimmick anyways…