Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


Ooh, sweet. I live near Rack N Cue, and I wanna know if they are confirmed for AE. You guys host tournaments too?


Hey everyone, this is Eric, the crappy Balrog player. If anyone’s going down to Starbase and can give me a lift there/back can you hit me up via PMs? I’d like to head down there while I can during the break.


Is it open today?


nah you dont, ive been going there since middleschool.

hey, anyone get their grades yet? i havent gotten shit back cept for my W


Hey, I’m that guy that plays Yang in 3s all the time. I can’t wait for AE, hope I don’t get too distracted from school. x_x

I’ve gotten 3 grades out of 5 classes so far. Ha ha, I could be doing better. ^^


so… is AE there yet?


are they open yet?


Hey guys,

AE not in yet, still working on it.

RnC is open 10-6 Mon-Fri during the break.


hey eric, is sjsu getting AE too? : D


So I hear KOFXIII is pretty popular :o


Someone lied to you


Yo. It’s Royal. The other balrog player lmao. Just saying wsup to everyone. Yeah that uhhh difficult sneezing guy is scary. I dont like to play after he plays… i think he has some chronic sneezing issue of some sort. Yes I have no idea what I just said but damn… check him out in action. Youll be terrified


Not to name names, but fuck you Matt


I think we should ban that Matt guy. He always brings a hammer and fucks with the cabs


I live in socal, and I keep hearing that this fatexd2 guy is really good at cvs2.


First Marc, now me?



Go have some water, to get that salty taste outcho moulf, KOF XIII has been rated the #1 played game in all the arcades it exists in, in the world.

P.S. Is 12 pm too early to be drinking? No, no it’s not.


Hey guys, dont know if any of you would remember me im just a gief that shows up pretty often to rnc. I was wondering if anyone was down to give me a lift to starbase on some wednesdays when things are going down. willing to pay, thanks!.

also any info on other sfiv events would be great :slight_smile:


First day of the semester guys. Time to go play video games.


No ae, though. :shake: