Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


any idea when RNC will get AE?


Unless SF State somehow is able to have a bunch of money fall directly on the RNC.


According to this post, RNC eventually will get AE, just not sure when exactly. I hope it’s soon so they can make their money back before console version comes out.


street fighter theme’d bank job? dibs on rufus costume. byo masks


I’d easily pay 75 cents a play if we got AE. 1 dollar I’ll still play but not as often.

Also, the lk button on p1 side of mvc2 is broken.


Second 75 cents. That’s how much it is at svgl and mgl


Right NOW!!!

AE up and running. Come on down to play and spread the word 75 cents.


SSF AE is CONFIRMED TO BE AWESOME! small crowd gathering though, good luck getting a chance to play before class starts


What are the arcade hours? Can non-students check it out?


9 to 6 or 7 I think not sure. Non students are allowed to come down and play. No one ever checks even if it was against the rules.


Ibuki is goooooooooooooooooooodlike


What’s good with jumping in on DeeJay?


doesn’t RNC close at 9pm weekdays? at least that was the hours 2 semesters ago.


dont understand why a person would put money in the arcade machine, choose beginner mode, pick abel, and jump around for 90 seconds per round for SIX ROUNDS while theres a whole village of people waiting behind him to lose to ibuki


actually he lost some rounds so it was more than six rounds. next time you guys see someone doing that, boo them


oh yea, first player blazblue: the right 2 buttons are broken


I fixed one yesterday. didn’t know about the other one. I’ll get it next time I’m there.


Arcade edition has beginner mode?


RnC hours:
Mon-Fri 9am-10pm
Sat 10-4


is there a fighting game crew that meets up outside of RnC?

i’m a grad student at SFSU that can’t really make time to head to the CC center when i’m on campus. however, i’m eager to find some folks who love fighting games and am looking to start playing seriously again. is there a community of yall that meet up on weekends or hang out locally to spend a day fuckin’ around with ssf4 (and soon, mvc3)?


there sure is. check this thread here:

edit: its weekly now. next meet this saturday jan. 29… tomorrow