Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


starbase gonna roll through today


You guys were there around 1-2 right? I was there from 11-2 and I saw a total of like 5 people today. Not hype at all.


yup. there were 3 of us there at around 130pm. actually we were hoping there wouldn’t be a lot of folks. it worked out perfectly


not a lot of people? faster turn-around, more chances to play. double sweet


man thats what i want… everytime i roll around thers like 7+ people.


Is CVS fixed?


@hoodaman I was the kid who failed at Makoto and Balrog that left around 2. Next time my Makoto’s gonna be godlike for sure haha. Good games too.

@Avelornii CvS2 isn’t fixed yet.


I should be getting the monitor board back this week.


GG’s to the guys there yesterday. Ran into some old friends…

OCEguy: PM sent


good games


fchamp probably thinks we are so free now xD


Everyone except GH :o


is he from frisco?


RnC now has KOF13, replacing BlazBlue… dammit i just started learning blazblue too


and I’m there


Holy shit KOF XIII? Please tell me Eric plans on getting one at SJSU as well.


Argh bein wack with the server today bleh

Anyway super hype for KOFXIII, played for a half hour today, nowhere near enough!

For those interested in this game I suggest you pop over to Dream Cancel | The Future is Now and check out their character forum


Fuck KoF 13.
Fuck AE.
Strikers is dat new hype.

Also, are we ever gonna get ST? Did we ever have it?


Hella late, but he’s from Foster City. I think.


What version of KoF 13 is it? 1.0 or 1.1?