Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


1.1 No Hype Joe infinite.

On the bright side, no super lame Mature infinite.


yea i dont know shit about that dude. cept that i hate fighting dhalsims like him


Who are all these people?!:wow:


Hey, it’s me the blanka player. Just thought I’d introduce myself to the forum.


I am Gen.


I will be there sometime around 1-2pm!


No you are XPLICIT


I need that KOF13/Seniore’s crack.


Day 2 and I’m free for latinos, daaaaaaaaaaawl!!!


whaaaaaaat where was everyone?


Negro ninja, time to match names man. Who are you? I’m Eric, kid playing Shen Kula Athena.


I was the large black dude with dreads :o but I was playing Terry Shen Kensou/K’

I’ll be down there tomorrow grindin’ if anyone lives on or near campus, or just wants to show up and have matches.


Im gonna be there probably from 11 to close.

And yeah I remember who you are. Just for the record, i am a tiny asian kid.


Yooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo


Hmm KoF huh…


Put it down like an MF for KOF and say yes to 3S.


GG’s to Ouroborus, Jeff and everyone else I played.

I was the Seth player along with Hooman (Hakan/Adon) and Steve (Bison). We were there last night from 5-9:30p.

SFSU has me spoiled. Nice setup, no lines!


Hey man, I spent a good two hours training after you left haha. Still didn’t get Shen’s combo down but I learned some stuff with Athena and Kula. I’ll be there grinding again on Tues/Thurs.


Anyone trying to learn KoF13 stuff like combos and moves etc, check out the site below for an amazing amount of data

King of Fighters XIII - Dream Cancel Wiki

also if you want to see potential combos for your characters’ EX moves, youtube “(Character Name) Technical Reference” (e.g. Kula Technical Reference) <- really informative stuff.

and if you want to see high level japanese KoF13, check out this youtube for about 2 hours of footage (tons of K’, Kyo, and Shen footage especially)

YouTube - zero3japan’s Channel


I kinda wanna see what you learned with Athena haha. And yeah man work on that Shen combo, it’s good drive cancel practice…plus it’s easy 50% damage :open_mouth: