Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


I pretty much got the combo down, I just need to be able to tack on the super at the end of it. I keep doing it too late. For Athena, just head over to DreamCancel because I’m getting a ton of good info over there. I’m also slowly posting stuff I’m trying and figuring out.


Hey guys,

anyone know where I can get a copy of the KOF XIII movelist to printout for the game?


this link has every characters movelist, but im not sure how it prints out. There is a “print” version of every page, might wanna try that. (Its on the left side of the page under “toolbox”)

King of Fighters XIII - Dream Cancel Wiki


here if the PDF of the movelist: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


here if the PDF of the movelist: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


GGs at KoF today guys! I did pretty well until I started to crack and threw out scrubby shit all over the place.


I really kind of miss random DPing with Ragna then getting blown up, activating BK and getting blown up some more. RIP BB:CS.


theres always home consoles…


I had the flu had to skip KOF today =( will be there tomorrow morning hopefully.


Thanks NN. I’ll try to get it in on Wed.

So how do you like it?


Anyone got the move list for SSF4AE?


are you guys gonna unlock oni and evil ryu?



The movelists are in PDF format.


Just moved back to San Francisco, anyone going to play today?? Want to get my hands on AE!! Too bad I’m going to be forced to play on stick=/


Can you do something about the stick on p2 side of KoF because it’s really loose.


Is it me or did the monitors in SF4 get replaced? It’s easier to see…but then again we didn’t play on any dark stages.


Looovin it.

Tuesday morning matches was super hype today. GG’s and shoutouts to those who came through held it down on the KOF13 cab. Is Shen Woo gonna be the RnC mascot for KOF? He should be.


never played him but shen woo reminds me of dmc dante


I’ll fix it Wed. morning.



thought it was gonna be Kula for awhile, but Shen seems to be the staple character on every team.