Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread



proceed to go batshit crazy


Athena should be a staple on every single team here. She’s probably the best char in the game.


that’s only because RnC is full of pedos :o

Whenever Shen’s on the squad, there’s some hype afoot. 50% GET EEEEEM!


What’s wrong with my planned team of Yuri, Kula, Athena?


Anyone know how to unlock the alternate costumes in KoF13? I see some videos where characters like Andy is wearing a ninja outfit instead of his regular one

oh yea, how do u do the training mode on KoF also?


Training Mode: When starting a new game/challenging a player, hold down any button and press start.

In the case of a new game: You will be taken to char select and be allowed to pick one character, and then an opponent, then you get free training time for 7 minutes, or until someone challenges you. If you win, you go back to training mode. Cool sidenote: Everytime you win and get challenged again, you get to reselect your team.

In the case you challenged someone: You will have a normal match and if you win, you will be taken to the character select screen where you pick 1 character and 1 opponent.

Other cool easter eggs. If you are the challenger and at the order select screen, you can hold down any button and start until the match begins, and the bgm will be of that character’s theme in a previous KOF…not that you can hear it if someone’s playing Tekken lol.

Just make sure you watch out for this [media=youtube]bJLhQoxenB8"[/media] :open_mouth:


Update: Alternate Costumes: So far only seen it work on Takuma and Raiden. Hold down start when selecting your character’s color.


Ya’ll shoulda hopped on the Melty Blood setup. We finally got in running with no lag after a million tweaks and updates >_<.


Someone should have been recording that Raiden heartbreaker today.


I’m heading down there for an interview at about 3:30ish definitely get some games in too though. Hope they are okay with filming down there. :slight_smile:


Yeah it was pretty sad. It happened like 2-3 times too.

Edit: So Ash, someone from SoCal will be here on the 18th. He’ll try to be at the arcade from 12-2 so KoF players try to be down there at that time.


A new challenger appears from the scorching south! I’m there.


why dont i see people playing street fighter in the morning anymore?


Wayyy too expensive…


That game is ass. Get on DDR or KoF13. That’s where all the action is now a days.


I think folks was scared off by me getting comfortable with HD combos today :X


RnC’s KoF SoCal Challenge will be going down from 11-4. Even if you’re free, bring the hype.


does EVERY1 have to study for a final tomorrw or somthin cuz no one was there from 6-8pm… or yall on dat mahvel!


dat mahvel


im on dat mahvel and AE :]
need to drop by here sometime!