Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


Well I apparently only got one match with Ash, and then I gave him some really bad directions cause I’m always disoriented when I come down to RnC…Good times!


Yeah the hype was around 4 to 5. Me dropping combos, Chris dropping game winning combos. People mashing with K. Shit was crazy.


Who the heck was that Takuma player? Takuma’s turtle game is too strong.


I hear there’s gonna be a tourney March 19th or abouts :open_mouth:


Where’d you hear this? I’d be done for one sometime soon. In any game really.


I heard it from the RnC staff :3. Also someone get the guy who was kicking all our asses’s name, we need to know when he comes through so we can actually learn how to deal with some of that stuff. Played like shit today =(


Yeah I heard about it too, and which guy are you talking about? Describe him/the chars he uses.


There was a guy who basically used everybody, but in the end he was using Liz a lot. Good sparring partner.


I’ll see next time, anyway good shit today guys. BarBerCut is pretty hype.


Can we get like an Il Eurostick in Strikers? I think there has been renewed interest in SHMUPs. I think a good move would be to sell all the fighting games and line that place with stuff like Raiden IV, Ikaruga, and/or Mushihimesama. I heard rhythm games weren’t bad either so I wouldn’t mind those.


What are the chances of getting Drummania v3 back?


Mario Kart GP2!!!


are we getting that?!??!?!??!?! WANT!


sorry to excite, then dissapoint. But the RackNCue does not have GP2.


lk on the p2 side of MvC1 doesn’t work, or it barely works. And hp on p2 side also gets jammed.


Oh yeah, the 1p side balltop is loose on KoF, it comes right off.


Somebody been mashin rekkas too hard!


Can someone try to screw it back on tight or give it to someone at the front desk, Thanks,


Played XIII today, was the stick already fixed? Seemed fine to me.


I played earlier too, if someone wants to take the balltop off they can. Only way to get it tight enough is to like use a flathead to the bottom of the shaft.