Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


I was at sfsu Arcade last week, was okay except the creeper guy lol…


dang man every time i come to the arcade now its damn near empty, especially on AE. Everyone goin straight home to that MvC3 or somethin? Or am i coming at bad times, usually around 2-5pm?


fun matches today, glad to see more people on the XIII cab today!

Also: Andy Bogard’s guide to stuffing dropkick [media=youtube]5LW6oe8kXSU#t=2m41s[/media]


Hey Eric, on MvC2 P1 side when you press down, short comes out as well.



SF4 NOW 50cents!!!




dude, thats a pretty damn sick avatar


K I cracked, I’ll be doing some KoF tomorrow.


I plan to go vist the arcade tomorrow, when is a good time?


10-3 is a good time to come. People usually are playing at these times.


Sooo April 23rd is lookin to be the date for the SFSU tourney eh? Everyone learn KOFXIII…so I can have your money!


What if proasian shows up and actually picks his team?


I ain’t a-feared a him no more!


Any MvC3 tournaments happening around here? :3


Edit: Actually, nevermind


Go the SFSU Dojo/Freedomonia sessions. Theres one today.


What are spring break hours?


Just moved to the area, really wanna hit up some local arcades.

Do you need a school I.D to play? If not, I might be hitting that up real soon


nope, walk right in and show em what you’re made of.


Friggin place was closed todayyyyyyyy. What’s up with that? :frowning:
Anyone know if it’ll be open tomorrow?