Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


hours are different cuz its spring break is all i know


Guys, I think I coulda won this tourney: [media=youtube]Sb2vKSJOd0M[/media]

We definitely have to record our matches, we’re way prettier than this!


Awesome dude I was actually looking for those.


Yeah, I think you coulda beat all these guys, even with dropped Raiden gimmicks. We’ll just call them resets from now on.



Yeah haha Raiden resets. I make you think you have a second shot but you really don’t. Serious time, I went back to Athena Kula Shen.


That’s actually a pretty dangerous team, Athena becomes mad hard to deal with, I’ve seen Raidens get bodied hard by her.


Looks like it’s up to meet to make a thread about the april 23rd tourney!


Does anyone know if Evil Ryu and Oni are unloacked on the SSFIV AE cab?


Both are unlocked like a month ago.


Lil somethin for Mai/Yuri/King players…even though I think the only guy who uses them, doesn’t visit these forums XD Nicovideo Redirector


What took you so long???.. j/k

Thanks for doing that.


GGs today everyone, KoF 13 and AE were pretty hype.

So, are we ever gonna get ST? haha.


So how’s everything working?


I only play KOF now XD That seems to work fine.


1p stick on Sf4 needs a replacement as well as the 1p mp, fp, and mk. The stick just randomly goes out, leaving you completely unable to control the character.

Lotsa gief mashing been going on lately…


<3 sfsu. haven’t been in so long.

so who’s goin to evo?


hey all,

the rack n cue is closed this week but most of the major stuff will be moved to FanimeCon for the weekend. Come by to check it out.

We’ll have a 4 player set up for Super SF4



Will RnC be open during summer hours tomorrow with the AE cabs? (The Student Center site says 11-5.) Chrischun and I wanna get some games in before the console update next week.


What are the hours for Wednesday and where exactly is this place located…

I could possibly be coming to play some XIII


I believe the hours are 9-5. It’s in the student center so no matter which way you enter the school, make your way towards the centerish until you see Ceasar Chavez Student Center. Then head on downstairs. If you can I’d just go to Southtown, usually not a lot of people show up during summer unless it’s planned beforehand.