Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


south town is closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and i dont mind some practice time


Oh yeah that’s right it is closed. I might show up depending on when you are there since I live pretty nearby. What time do you plan to be there?


Uh, only going to be here for an hour, but im at sfsu arcade.


Where the F is everyone? Southtown Arcade?



Technika 2 is now online.


we back in there, will be swinging by tomorrow morning.


Hey All,

Welcome back to school. I did a quick check over the weekend and everything was working fine. If you do run into problems feel free to email me at or post it here.



For KoF XIII, the 1p C button (upper right) and 2p D button (lower right) are unresponsive. I played a whole match on 2p side and I think D came out only 1 out of 10 presses.


GGs to everyone this morning, SMELL MY DICK!


Also remember to check Amazon for my new line of DVDs. I expect these three titles to be very popular. “5 minute Sagat,” “5 minute Cammy,” and the most important being “2 minute Roll Cancels.”


anyone know that girl in the short shorts playing initial d? i ask because…

GAH im starting to lose all my joystick skills!


I got an ASUS VH226H monitor for sale. 1" smaller than the classic EVO monitor, but works just as well. I’m in the San Francisco area, selling at $100 firm.

Send a PM if interested.


Fix the buttons on the Street Fighter machine please. (LP and HP/cab next to Tekken)


Just wanted to let everyone know the Technika has been up dated to 3 and it’s online.

Cards available up front.


P1 side on CvS2 is whack. Randomly it gets to the point where every button/direction triggers start.


I’ll check it out.







Is this place dead? Alive? I hope alive…

I’m going out to San Francisco for some job training soon. Wanted to take public transit up here and play Technika!

Are non-students allowed in for free? Are all the cabs pay to play? I can’t seem to find any real information on this place that isn’t like 2 years old.