Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread

  1. They don’t have Technika anymore
  2. Allowed in for free
  3. Real arcade cabs, so yes, pay to play.



No Technika makes me sad. Might have to go down to Sunnyvale.


With southtown closing i need new hunting grounds for my FG fix. Never been to this place, is the game list on the website accurate?


southtown is closing?!


The game list on the website is not quite right. Most of the games are right. There’s no Tekken 6, or ID4 right now. Most of the rest is right. What do you play? What’s FG?


Fighting games, i play mainly sf3 third strike, with some cvs2, mvc2 and sf4 on the side


SF has all of them. SF4 is 2012.


fuck yes, new UMvC3 cabinet! 


Do people still play CVS2 & 3rd Strike at state?


i will be there at school today, looking for players!


How late does the arcade at State stay open?


** according to the arcade wench it stays open till 21:30, and of course there is the bar and plenty of those friskyyyyy young college gals.**


Cool. Can’t make it tonight because of other plans, but I could def make it some other time. More advance notice would help :smiley:


how about friday good sir?****


Hey man, I will let you know tomorrow, not sure if I have ladyplans that night yet.


?!?! Your lady plans better involve a certain frisky chinese gal name Chun Li!


Dammit! Something else came up that will be preventing me from getting there in time to enjoy many games before 9:30. Your honor, we will have to move for a continuance on this cvs2 action. If you’re going sometime next week let me know.


** motion denied! Council is expected to be present at the afore mentioned time tomorrow. **


Hey guys,

I know it’s been awhile and this is short notice, but we are going to run a UMvC3 tourney this Friday starting at 5pm going until done or closing time.

We are looking to do a small tourney 16 player max. If you are interested, come on down to SF State this Friday May 3rd.

Look for future tourneys. We are trying to start things back up here.



FYI, We will be moving some games down to SJ for Fanime starting on Tuesday.

Stop by the SJ Convention Center to check out the arcade at Fanime. It should be open to the public on Thursday. It will be running 24 hours. The rest of the weekend you will need a badge.

SF4 (4 player)
Tekken 6BR
Tekken Tag 2
and lots of other stuff…