Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread


Hi everyone! I didn’t want to start a new thread on the forums since I’m fairly new here and I’m not entirely sure of the type forum atmosphere present here. Anyway, if anyone has meet-ups in San Francisco or upper peninsula (Daly City, San Bruno, South City, San Mateo, etc.), I would definitely love to attend. I probably won’t participate too much, but I enjoy watching and being around people with the same interests. Please message me! I’d love to make more friends.


I know it’s summer and it’s pretty quiet down at the rack n cue, but if anyone is down to play I will make the drive over! I play everything except for umvc3


was down there earlier this week. looks like the left coin chute for 3rd strike isnt working.


I’m looking for casuals in the Morgan hill/ Gilroy area.

If someone wants to game - send me a message!

UMVC3 and SSF4 are the games.

I guess if noone wants to come here - I can go there!



@Mexicant - I host sessions in downtown SF. Just shoot me a PM and we’ll play sometime.


i realized that this thread actually exists, lets revive this thread a little and maybe revive the San Francisco FGC scene a little? btw we always are playing SF4 at SFSU still. We also have the UMVC3 Cab/Injustice Cab.


@GePeyo - Definitely agree. I didn’t know there’s a UMVC3 cab there though. How’s the scene look for UMVC3?

I’m hosting sesh’s in SF for UMVC3, so if anyone wants to play they can also ping me too.


theres a bunch of players for UMVC3, but they only show up during their breaks.


I can show up for AE/UMVC3, I live downtown. When do you guys play?


Hi, I’m Melvin. I’m the guy who always uses Yang in AE. :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering if there were any sessions during the week, I stay in Daly City. I wanna play more but I always find myself wasting more than $1. :x


Melvin I’m near DC and would be down to meet up to play AE. Dunno if there are any sessions though… I’m always looking.


Do people still play here? I’ve noticed their hours have changed until late January.


the place is a tomb, long forgotten.


Oldest thread I done seent.