Official Remy, Urien and Twelve fanart contest

Check out Shoryuken - Street Fighter Third Strike Art Contest - Remy, Urien, and TWELVE

Good luck everybody! :slight_smile:

i’m so stoked to see what you guys can come up with.
i’m am 100% certain all three characters artworks will be won by srk members.

Yeah I can’t participate either. Good luck to anyone else on SRK.

Can’t wait to see what someone comes up with for Twelve. I also wonder how this will be incorporated into the game.

aww stink, i wanted to enter :frowning:

it will be interesting to see what people come up with,eh?! :slight_smile:

Reminder, fellow procrastinators, one more day to get these in! Just started an Urien piece.

It looks like the third place runner up almost referenced YOUR work, Sinix, lol.

I’m not being negative or anything, and congrats to the winners for their work- but I dont really care for any of the winning pieces. Way too much photoshop saving drawings that weren’t solid to begin with. Not starting a flame war here, but thats just my informed opinion.

My piece didnt win either, haha- but you can check it out on my blog:
Aegis Reflector | Arttronik’s Blog