Official Rio Hotel Thread

Ive stayed here a couple of times, and Im pretty much a seasoned Vegas pro, so I’ll tell you everything I know here.


So pretty much, Rio is a pretty nice hotel. Its a BIG step up from the Trop last year, which was ass. Granted its a 10 min walk from strip but its nice nonetheless. Before recession, it was pretty standard to find rooms at least going for 170 night. I just checked and during the entire time frame of like say 7/12-7/21 you can get a room for like $70 a night. So I can only imagine what evo discount rate is. All rooms avg about 650 sq feet. All rooms have stdrd mini bar fridge/hair dryer/ironing board. Tne only problem I can see arising is that all you dudes who plan to sardine they have guards at elevators checking for room keys, so you basically need to be hooked up to a buddy with a key if you ever want to go back to room.

Dining Options***
places to eat here.
All-American Bar & Grille
Bzios Seafood Restaurant
Cafe Martorano
Carnival World Buffet
Gaylord India Restaurant
Hamada’s Asiana
Mah Jong
So Paulo Cafe
Sports Deli
Starbucks Coffee
Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding
Village Seafood Buffet
VooDoo Steak & Lounge.

The best place IMO is the Seafood Buffet. Second best buffet in Vegas besides the $60 Bally’s one. It is steep at $40, but worth it for all you can eat lobster. Opens at 4pm or something like that daily. I reccomend getting in line early coz line gets at long as 2 hours sometimes. Champagne Brunch at the world buffet is pretty godlike too on weekend mornings.
Cheapest option is the all american grille, and really its about $10 per burger combo, but its the cheapest youll find here. plus its the only place that is open 24/7.

So I just realized we are getting there on the 17th, which is right after the WSOP concludes its last events before final table, so the place should be good for poker comp if you go a cpl days before. As far as gambling is concerned, poker room constantly has 1-3 / 2-5NL games, as well as 4/8 limit games going at all times, and those are the smallest limits. Table games last i checked the lowest limit they have for blackjack is $15. Really rare to see anything lower than that.


Rio has shuttle running daily 10AM-1AM on M-THU and 10AM-4AM on FRI-SUN every 30 mins going from Rio to Harrahs/Ballys/Paris/Ceasars and back. dont need any ID or anything, you can just get on.

Here are shuttles from McCurran Airport for those who need them.

Heres a random map of the surroundings.

for those driving, i really reccomend using Koval Ln instead of Las Vegas Blvd because its never packed and itll take you 75% less time.

the only real walking distance hotel is Gold Coast and really I dont see any reason to go there unless you trying to get some cheap dirty chinese food real quick or play some $5 blackjack. the walk from Rio to any other strip hotel is atleast 15 min. however, intoxicated, this walk feels like 5 min.

Now i really recommend staying at the Rio to support the evo scene, but since price isnt really an issue with the economy being ass and all hotels being cheap, if you plan to sardine, id recommend the platinum hotel right behind Bally’s. its a 20 min walk from Rio, but rooms are dirt cheap, avg 1200 sq ft, and they all have jacuzzi tub/two lcd tvs/a couch bed/stove/fridge/bar area so its perfect if you got a lot of dudes. the only downside is that there is no casino on premises/no smoking/walk from rio, but i really like the place a lot just due to how fucking large the rooms are and that you can cook all your meals.

I’ll add to this post as the weeks come along, but for now thats all i really remember.

on a random note, Rio has a lot of dudes as cocktail servers which is kinda odd to see, but to make up for it, the cocktail waitresses wear short see thru skirts with thongs.
that is all.

Thanks again for the info, every year you let us know exactly what’s up.

Looking forward to it.

stayed here once. like it a bunch. this place def has space and rooms to hold evo comfortably. rooms are aight. lots of space. a lot easier to fit 10 or so heads in the rooms here than other place.

i also like that the better poker rooms are pretty much right there with the rio, bellagio, and ceasars with venetian not too far away.

hopefully i dont get raped by 3-5-7 poker like i did last time i was here. :-/

lookin forward to this.

Hope the rooms don’t smell like cigarette piss like in the Tropicana…clothes reeked of cigar, and I don’t even smoke.

…and buffets are cool.

Basically, you are saying that if we sardine, cell-phones will be needed to call up to a roommate to come down and get you, right?

Rio seems to be a good choice to me since it is part of the Harrah’s Rewards Club.

I might get a chance at getting a discounted Hotel room if I plan on going to Evo.

this is correct sir.

note to self:

dont sardine with people

thanks for the info

the hotel group discount will be up in a few days, still working out some of the details.

I will be so drunk the entire time at my first evo. (Except when playing in tourny LOL).

What are the rules with alcohol during the event? Can I walk around with a beer or is that not legal there.

lol. I’ll have to catch a drink with you sir. ill be the one walking around with the gatorade bottle.

cool read

Sounds awesome. I actually stayed in the Grand last time, which was nice but I’d love to be in the actual hotel this year.

damnnnnnnnnn, girls in see through skirts, niceeeee

I think I will spring for a room this year…staying in the same hotel as evo is so convenient

Does anyone know if the TV’s in the rooms have accessible a/v inputs? coughmarvelcrack*cough

Very good read sir. I’ve been planning on making it out to my first Evo this year, and being that it’ll be my first time in Vegas, this and Wiz’s article were pure gold for me. Thanks much guys.

This question is important. I was hacking up Tropicana TVs for dozens of rooms last year, so it would be nice to know what tools to bring.

If a female escort were to accidentally be raped and strangled in a room…

What I mean to ask is, what is the security situation like?