Official Rio Hotel Thread


Yeah, Tropicana rooms were less than accommodating when it came to the TVs. My roommates hit up a Circuit City to buy a TV, then they returned it before the plane trip home.

And people wonder why they went out of business.

Does Rio have a shuttle from the airport? I fucken hate getting raped by the Taxi fee.

I know.
Taxi charged me about $30 from Tropicana to airport…and bitched at me for a bigger tip.


there are no FREE shuttles going from airport to Rio.

however I almost 100% certain they have shuttles running all day to strip hotels for about $8-$10 a person.

actually heres a link.

Oh also with the TV situation its tricky. I was there twice last year in the span of 3 months.

First time was a tube TV with inputs in the front. Second time even though it was the same type a room there was a flat screen tube with the blocker thing in the back.

Didnt bring any games both times so OBV i cant say whether or not a console hookup is possible, so take that as you will.

I have a question that people with past experience can help me with. This year will be my first attendance at EVO and I want it to be a rememberable event. With that in mind, What’s an estimated figure I need to set aside for a whole trip to EVO2K9? $1K, $2K, maybe $3K? I want to be able to cover all expenses like food, hotel room, and transportation and still have money to do recreational stuff with.

I don’t know how useful you’ll find this post but here’s my rundown of expenses:

Plane ticket: 800-900$
Hotel (shared with 3 other people) so ~100$ per person
food: 200-300$ (I’m a hungry motherfucker)
and an extra 300$ for shit like taxi, and shopping.

Thats a LOT for a plane ticket. Vegas is one of the cheapest places to fly to. Im flying round trip for 270 this year.

I’m in Quebec city, hence the exorbitant price. Though if anyone finds a place that sells tickets for thursday to monday from YQB to LAS, let me know.

This is right on spot for what I’ll be paying as well, much cheaper if you live in the states.

Is there a bus from the airport to the hotel?

mixah look up 8 posts

KK, thanks.

rio sounds gdlk.
the shuttle is really nice plus!

on a random note. does anyone know if the WSOP is open to the public to just go and spectate?

I am so hyped to go to Evo! This will be my first time to the tournament and Vegas. Just booked my flight, round trip was $306.79 from Orlando, Florida. Could have been even cheaper if I took the flight with a layover. Never knew you could fly so cheap if you booked early. Now I just have to wait for the room rate. This will be awesome.

This is my first time in vegas and evo. And I don’t live to far from vegas (8 hours). So I’m just gonna drive there. I’m gonna assume that the rio has a underground parking lot of some sorts? Could anyone confirm this for me.

Wow so I just randomly checked and booked my flights for 450$ (and that includes the 50$ cancellation fee just in case). I just paid 400$ then I expected!

damn so they dont have 5 dollar blackjack tables :sad:

that was the one thing i liked about tropicana

yes theres a parking garage.

and $5 blackjack across the street at Gold Coast, but that place is mad ghetto.