Official Rio Hotel Thread

more gheto than tropicana?


booking a room at the rio

i dont know how helpful this will be but if anybody has a harrahs players card, they can book a room for a little cheaper. i just checked and i can get a room from the 16th-18th for $152.60 including tax. this is im assuming because its still so early to book for july. but i think it is a little cheaper if you have a players card.

evo is july 17-19.

Those are the correct dates, But I’m assuming the guy wants to check in and get there a day earlier.

our hotel deal goes live monday, and you will get some free breakfast with your bookings, its gonna be the nuts!

i meant to say i checked for the 16th cus i think it said the 16th is sign ups.

so you’re telling us that the free breakfast is nuts, probably true with the amount of people pile up in those rooms waking up, ill help you out here, no homo

anyways cant wait to compare prices

No, they’re just canceling Evo this year. He’s just saying everyone can eat his fucking nuts.

hummm still nothing, i hope rio is ready

it should be today or tomorrow, sit tight.

take 3k with you…ask Jason Cole and the Evo staff to company you to the roulette table, let Jason call a number and the Staff pick a color drop a G on both…35-1 odds on the Number and Double up on the color…youre good for the weekend.

ticket/hotel(4days)/shuttle = $490 total… lets see if evo rates are better

nam you dont know shit about vegas or the rio hotel

yo we going to the strip club?

Just to be sure anybody can attend and watch Evo for free, right? I by no means plan to enter the tournament but would love to attend and watch some awesomeness live- I’d just need to pay for hotel, food, etc but the event itself is free to the public, is that correct?

Thank you.

I’m interested in a reply to that question. I do remember reading a while ago that anyone was able to walk in and play the free play area or BYOC area, and could watch but to participate had to pay, I plan on participating so I want to sign up but a friend of mine who lives in the area just wants to come watch and not play, just want to make sure he doesn’t have to pay for a ticket to just walk in, not sure what would happen, though this probably isn’t the right thread I noticed the question and hope somone responds to it lol.

its free to watch hoes

Sweet thanks for the reply bro, now to wait on the rates for the room.

Yes thank you for that- I’m hoping to go with a friend this year and watch but wanted to make sure it was free to watch so we can plan an accurate budget. Now just waiting to hear on the rio hotel myself- thanks again :slight_smile:

hahaha daaamn like that? u stayin at the hotel?