Official S.M.B.U. Tourament Thread!

The Valley Rally Crew

Super Smash Bros Tournament!

Date: Saturday August 5th
Place: Echo Hotel. 1903 S. Closner Blvd. Edinburg, Tx
Field 1 V 1 and 2 v 2 No Items!
Format: Double Elmination (Round Robin Round to determine seeded brackets)
Time: Still being ironed out.

Random Stages: Final Destination, Fountain of Dreams (Singles only),DK64, Battlefield, Dreamland64, Yoshi’s Story, Pokemon Stadium

Counter Stages: Princess Peach’s Castle,Corneria, Rainbow Cruise, and Brinstar. EVERYTHING ELSE IS BANNED!

Fees: $5 Registration For Venue Donation!
$10 Buy-in For Singles
$5 Buy-in for Doubles (Per Player)

Prizes: Nearly all of Buy-In Fees Goes back to the winners!
1st Place 70% of Prize Pot Atleast $200!
2nd Place 20% of Prize Pot.
3rd Place 10% of Prize Pot.

For more information you can check out our forums here

Any SSB: Melee player is welcome to attend. Spread the word :wgrin:

(I’m fully aware that Smash isn’t as popular as other fighter but still)

~D:lovin: :lovin: M

Yay for smash.

Well Tourney is this week all are more than welcomed to come

All right, here’s a simple results.

1st Rob$
2nd Caveman
3rd Kev$
4th Rey/Leprechaun
5th Doom/Pokemon
6th Mikey/Magic/Dylon
7th Gobz/Noe

Followed by Hero/Fro/Ej/Beef

1st - Rob$/Caveman
2nd - DoomRod
And third place went to a team who ironically called themselves 2nd Place. Which consistent of Rey and Leprechaun.
4th - Sauce/Shizznits.