Official SBR Tier List 1.0

Character are in order within the tiers.


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I actually feel that list is pretty accurate for the most part, the top seems a bit suspect (DDD over Falco) but even then I don’t disagree enough to complain.

[edit] I don’t get why bowser is so high though.


What may cause your sigh-ness?

If you disagree with the tier list, feel free to discuss it.

Bowser is high because of how well he does against certain High and top tier character. (Grab release -> Grab again like on MK)

However Bowser can’t go anywhere but down from now.

I think Lucas needs to be given a lot more credit. He’s not top, but far more dangerous than freakin’ low.

ZSS mid /cries. I must change this, excepcially cause I can gimp 2/3 of top tier. (not Mk/falco, but those fights arn’t too bad either)

DK high ??? I thought he would be mid please explain.

Finnally someone gives lucario some cred.

poor link if it wasn’t for his gimped recovery he would be higher.

I would move about 8 or so of those characters 1 tier up or down, but overall very very close and better than any tier list I have seen so far.

ONLY 4 TIERS with 35 char w00t.

Do I reeeeeally have to go into that? It doesn’t matter what I do or say…the hedgehog is still going to be perceived as low tier. Whatever ya know?

damn, Falcon is still the bottom of the bottomest tier.

There are going to be differences of opinions on these tier lists because different regions have different playstyles and there hasn’t been a tournament where all these playstyles can compare opinions by actually playing each other.

But whatever. If you think your character is good enough to move up on the list then just get out there and show it.

most definatly if I can find the time this year I will do this, ZSS is a tricky character, and im not surprised that they are still only mid tier, hoping for high. But for now I get to brag that I am playing with the lowest tier, my other 3 friends play G&W,pikachu,lucario. :D.

These dont see too far off for items-off-stages-off-swf-flavor-play. That said, even with those settings, the tiers are close enough together than low tier characters can win (its not a free loss like MvC2 tiers). Instead of saying Top/High/Mid/Low, it should probalby saying something like Great/VeryGood/PrettyGood/Good, and Cap. Falcon = Bad.

What’s interesting is that this tier list was released only like a week after the SBR recommended rule list was released, meaning that the data they used to compile this tier list was gathered from random tournaments with differing rules of play.

I call ‘too early’ on this one.

At least he can jump or attack out of his shield, cough yoshi cough.

But yeah the tiers are NOT THAT BAD.

The rules and the situations themselves really don’t differ that much. One stage out of neutral going into counter pick or having a 8 minutes time limit instead of 7 doesn’t change all that much the tournament results.

The real problem is what Scamp mentioned. Because there hasn’t been any nation-wide tournament yet, play styles haven’t merged. Pikachu and ROB may do great in the east coast, DDD and Diddy may place well in the west coast and midwest may have good Marths and Falcos placing, which is why the tier list feel a little too early.

I don’t think it’s too early for a tier list. We can be relatively certain of what is good and what characters are good so far. There will probably be a lot to discover so the list could easily change later, but what’s wrong with doing one now even though you know stuff may change later?

I think a tier list is good for the community. Firstly it brings out all the idiots who like to say how tiers don’t matter about 300 times. Next it give all the low-tier whores something to do. How can you whore out low-tier characters if there isn’t a tier list? These people will start playing all the low characters like crazy and maybe they’ll help find something to evolve the game for everyone.

I ahppend to think there are no bad characters in this game. Personally.

There are obviously bad characters in every game, including this one because nothing is perfectly balanced…

…sure you’re playing Brawl? o_O

I don’t think anyone else got to this:

DK is high up because he can outspace most characters, chain aerials together, has a few attacks with “super armor”, has a reliable (& underused) gimp kill, and can use walls to chain up easy % with down tilt and cargo down throw chains when he gets the opportunity. He’s a pretty well-rounded character. Only real weakness is his lack of recovery from a meteor spike, but it’s not a serious issue unless you recover the same, predictable way each time.

Lucario is way up primarily because of a player who goes by the tag of “Azen”. He’s the only Lucario I’ve heard of placing well at major tournaments yet.