Official Sega Saturn Controllers to PC

Since I don’t trust paypal EBay is out of the question.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a converter to convert Official Saturn controllers to Pc? I do have an official Saturn USB pad but it’s poor compared to the official thing…

I’ve looked forever for a converter but couldn’t seem to find one.

Hopefully you guys could help…

One could be made using one of Toodle’s FGWidget converter boards. It can convert a Ps2, Saturn, or SNES controller down to its individual button signals. This can then be wired to a ps3 pcb like the cthulhu or chimp. Put it in a project box and you’ll have a Saturn -> PS3/PC converter.

The problem is they are rare. I had a hell of a time finding them a couple of years ago. Here’s what the black version looks like. They work well though with no lag.

MayFlash 3 in 1 PC Joy Box, Sega Saturn, DreamCast, PS2 to USB - PC015, $17.95

MayFlash is what I have…

Frankly, I think the Saturn build pads sometimes work better than the USB versions.

D-pads on the USB’s don’t seem to be as good.

Oh, how I wish Sega were still in the hardware business in a meaningful way! They made the best D-pads on their controllers and their later joysticks (Agetec, Virtua High Grade) were excellent, too.

Again, commenting for the hundredth time, I don’t know who’s running Sega now. Seems to be run by a headless chicken now!

We should be getting great AM2/3-optimized ports of their classic arcade games on PSN and XBox Live in addition to official pads but Sega’s not responding! Their racing games (Daytona, Virtua Racing, Manx TT) would do very well everywhere… Virtua Fighter---- not so much outside of Japan!