Official SEGA Saturn PC & PS2 Control Pad Thread


Since we’re seeing more and more of the SEGA Saturn styled PC control pad lately, I think it’d be good to compile a single thread for everyone.

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Hong Kong sellers on eBay currently have some USB Sega control pads in stock, they’re going fairly cheap! If you want one, get one now! They work great with PC (GGPO and other emulators) and it even works on the PS3. Here is a button layout diagram.
Click on image for larger version.

You can buy them here:

Feedback on the controllers has been excellent so far.


Prices for 2x pads have gone up 11 dollars. They are averaging $24 (2x pads) without shipping now. The sellers must be all, “WTF is going on? Sudden sales. Must jack price up.”


They still look to be around $20 apiece after shipping but yeah they are steadily rising. I wonder how many thiese people have? Maybe someone will stockpile them and sell them for even more like V4mpiro allegedly did?


^^ I hope not. Esp around on SRK, I wouldn’t want to see another SRK member get overcharged like that.

These controllers only work with PS3 games, not PS2 games via backwards compatibility.


They are all sold out :sad:

I wanted to wait until next month to buy one but I might have to get one now cause everyone is scooping them up :arazz:


Click on the link MarkMan has provided under the picture, there are still a bunch available.


Yeah, I just noticed that. I was looking at the old thread. My mistake.


I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to HK eBay goods. Does anyone know if these are official Sega controllers or knockoffs?


Ever since I missed out on the first batch of the saturn ps2 and pc controllers back a couple years ago, I’ve always regretted it. Back then I thought I’d just wait till the price of these controllers to go down, but only to see it never happened and, instead, go out of production to become extremely rare and expensive. :sad:

I was able to find someone selling their black saturn ps2 controller for 70 bucks in the trading forums and jumped the gun on that one. Such a high price but well worth it in my opinion. Now that these saturn pc controllers are making a come back, it seems like we all get a 2nd chance at this. Fake or not, I got 2 of these without hesitation when they were still “buy it now” on ebay. Its also a big plus that markman confirmed that these pads are identical to the originals. Perfomance in my opinion is what’s important, over authenticity.

  • I hope the controllers are as good as the originals, but I’m always a little skeptical.

I’ve found that even consoles and controllers made in China vs. Japan have a big quality difference between them. I’ve owned a U.S. GBA made in China and a Japanese GBA made in Japan and the button quality and build is noticeably different. I even sold my U.S. GunCon2’s (made in China) for the PS2 since they were not as well made as the Japanese version (made in Japan). I even put the two GunCon2’s on a real handgun benchrest to see how steady the aiming reticle was. The Japanese one was virtually steady, while the Chinese one had a slight “shake” to it. :slight_smile:


I agree. I remember back then when I bought Point Blank 1 and 2 where 1 came with a Japan made guncon and 2 came with a China made one. I was so pissed with the China made one because the quality was crap and the trigger is shitty. So I resorted to ebay and bought a Japan made one. I even contacted the seller to confirm the serial number. lol.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to pads and their feel. I’ll post my opinion when I get mines. But if MarkMan says it feels nearly identical to the real thing, most likely I will have the same opinion.


I got one of these in the other day and it is awesome. I just ordered 2 more right now.


Thanks for the clarification MarkMan.
Ordered two :slight_smile:


I’ll wait till the hype dies down and the price drops :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys,

On another forum I visit, someone mentioned that it works with PS2 games on PS3 via BC as long as you have a SIXAXIS/DS3 synced to controller port 2 or 3.

Can anyone test this? I’m at work and will be here for a LONG time… lol.


Finally copped a pair myself even though I have a PS2 Saturn one (Purple Darkstalkers) already.

I can’t wait to compare the quality with the PS2 controller and see how weill it works on the PS3. I’m lovin’ the color scheme too.


If they don’t go up in price by November I’m getting 2


This is crazy, I only see only one more pair up for bid. These shits went mad fast once word got out how good they were. Glad I copped when I did.


I’ll try this out tomorrow morning… unless some kind soul decides to take the initiative.


I tested it with Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 !

Didn’t work ;(