Official SF 15th Anniversary Stick

I just wanted to get some feed back on the official SF 15th Anniversary arcade stick. Is it any good? Lasting? Sturdy? Responsive?

it’s not worth the money.
i tried it, unmodded.
in my opinion, it sucks, it’s heavy, and it feels like it’s not responsive at all.

Really? Anyone else feel the same way? I was trying to avoid a custom one…

Is it worth $50?

I think people are too hard on it. Its decent. After about a year of personal use my stick started to not perform too well. The buttons had to be pressed down pretty far, but they work fine. However I think its a decent purchase, and rivals a lot of the busted hardware you’ll find in arcades. If you swapped out the parts with happ parts (which is super easy) you’ll have a real kick ass stick, thats just a bit bulky. Good starting stick imo.

Well with the ability to fix it if anything goes wild I think I’ll nab it… I mean… it looooks cool ~laughs~

It seems like a popular stick and I see tons of people using it, but when I tried it I couldn’t stand the damn thing. The main thing that gets me is the size, but I also don’t care for the buttons and the stick just feels weird.

You might want to ask in Tech Talk, I bet they can help more.

i bought it a year and a half ago. its a real good stick, especially for beginners. Price is fair. Genuine arcade feel because of the heavyness and American layout. The buttons i would switch to happs part like Pherai said, but even unmodded its not bad at all. You probably will have a harder time doing something like kara demon if the buttons are unmodded though :p. The stick is great, better suited for playing marvel than 3rd strike imo though. 8/10

This is the exact reason why I switched mine out! Its an extreme condition though; this stick should suit almost any 3s need.

The point of buying a SF AC stick is so that you mod it with real parts later on. If you just use it playing on the stock parts you’ll be dissapointed very quickly.

i played on it at midwest like 2 years ago. It’s an american stick, which is good.

However, the stick is just terrible. The buttons are too big, not sensative enough, the directional stick is bad. Just my opinion. And don’t get me wrong. I love american sticks. It’s too bad cuz it looked so cool

oh naw :sad:

if you ever decide to buy the SFAC stick and want to mod it, heres a useful link/tutorial from the tech forum

my friend has it (dalipower) he seems to like it, and performs decent with it…but hes the only one. Others who have bought a more expensive stick they say its junk

Well I’ll grab it and then bug you all a month down the road when I need to mod it.

The only reason I bought it was that at the time it was unclear whether most console 3S tournaments would be on PS2 or Xbox, both versions having just come out. I haven’t used the Xbox half of its plug for probably, I don’t know, a year and a half, maybe two years? It was cool at the time, but it’s pretty useless now.

And for me, the box fell apart really quickly. Much of it is essentially balsa wood that’s been glued together.

i got a happ perfect stick for it, gonna mod it soon, is there any point modding the buttons?

Yes, modding the buttons is pretty much a must.

Well the auction ends in a few hours and someone topped my high bid. Its now up to $106. I have the money to go higher and I’m willing to so its mine if I want it unless the other guys is crazy. Nevertheless I figured something… if I’m willing to spend this much on the stick and THEN get the shipping order in place and THEN mod it down the road… why don’t I just get someone to build me one with parts that are renowned to be good. So this is me off to the tech section to find someone who’ll build me a stick.

Haha, it’s not worth paying more than 65 bucks for. Definitely go custom

why is buttons a must? anyway i modded the perfect happ stick, so much smoother,
took me a while the tutorial they have on somewhere, states opening stick with ranch and players etc , takes forever, doesnt work, best bet is to cut the blac surrrounding rubber material, take off the glass top and open screws from there