Official SF 25th Anniversary Call for Fan Art!


Head on over to the link below, 'cause Capcom is calling for Fan Art and Music submissions!
Please read their Terms and Conditions carefully.

Who’s gonna submit something for this? I hope we’re all hyped :smiley:,_musicians_for_street_fighters_25th_anniversary


Submitting something for it. Gotta scan in the pencils and colour but we in there.

And don’t worry, Immah keep it PG-Rated laughs


cool Francys :slight_smile:

UPDATE: deadline extended! :slight_smile:
check the site for more details.


Whew! Thank goodness, Ive still got hella coloring to do.


Has anyone that’s submitted something gotten an e mail confirming their entry?


I just sent a followup email asking if they received it, and they replied pretty quickly saying that they did. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can help me out, cause I’m pretty new here. Is there a thread where I can post my submission for this art tribute? I’d like to show people what I did, and I’m not sure if creating a new thread for a one-off (been two years since I drew something…lol) is appropriate. haha Thanks!


Maybe just post it in here?


posting it in this thread is a good idea :slight_smile:


Alright, I guess that’ll do. Thanks for the suggestion! Here it is:

It was a rush job at best, but it’s the most I could do before the deadline. What’s pictured is my interpretation of Ryu giving Umehara Daigo a ride on his back. Daigo is pumping a shoryuken and if you can read it, his shirt says “UmeShoryu” in katakana and the game inputs respectively. :smiley:

The submission page didn’t give any room for a description, but basically I was inspired after reading about how Daigo’s friend gave him a lift on his bike when he was coming home late from the arcade. So the Daigo pictured above is supposed to be his age around that time. Someone made a funny comment that “It makes perfect sense now, Daigo was carried home by Ryu,” or something along those lines (can’t find it anymore…). I thought it’d be neat to draw something to represent that event, and here it is! I wanted to write something besides “I AM SREET FIGHTER” but this was actually five minutes late and they still accepted it. Something like “Street Fighter: Building Up Warriors for 25 Years” would have been better. imo

I don’t know how to color…but once I learn, I’ll definitely come back to this and give it some more life. lol Tell me what you think!


This is a small version but this is my entry. I wanted to maybe go 25-ish years in the past to show the feeling of joy and nostalgia that comes from playing street fighter games.


great stuff you guys!


I love that image you did NeoBlood, definitely makes me feel like a kid. Cept I didn’t have Gouken as my father figure. :confused:


Still never got a confirmation email although I never sent an email asking for one… Now they’ve got this book coming out for that collectors box, and I wish I knew if my art was in it! :frowning:

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I think if they would have contacted you about it if they were.
I know of a former member of these boards who got his submission accepted, and they asked him for a higher-resolution version of his artwork.


blah. I felt really good about this one too, maybe it was too much of a typical fanart style piece. Oh well, I’ll put up a higher resolution version in the non-sticky section.

Hmm a pity SRK didnt promote our fan made SF 25th Anniversary Tribute while even capcom itself promoted it and over ten pieces made for it were later used for the tribute book.

Over 200 artists were involved, over 230 artworks created, even for the most unpopular SF characters from SFEX…


some awesome art